[Review]Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin Texas

How did you spend your Friday the 13th?


I decided to drive my mom up from Galveston area to Austin for the weekend to celebrate her 66th birthday. We started it right!

We went to the extraordinary Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.

We arrived at 6:15 and we sat outside in the back in front of the stage.

We started with the Wedge salad and then we both ordered steaks. Mom had the FILET MIGNON 10oz with asparagus and broccoli and I ordered the Trio Filet with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Of course neither one of us could finish all of our dinner, because we are in Texas and the portion size is Texas size.(Was great for breakfast)

Dinner was delicious, but the view was breathtaking. We watched as the sun went down over the lake and the stars came out. We were getting ready to leave when our wonderful waiter Kenny brought out the best bread pudding covered with caramel and berries for my mom for her birthday. (Yes, we found room to finish every little bite)

So glad we stayed because the Band The Pictures started playing and they were incredible. They played covers from today’s hits to 70’s disco. The dance floor was packed. Everywhere you looked you saw people laughing and smiling having a good time.

Donel and Donna

Seeing my mom laughing and dancing was priceless.

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