“The Raindrop” by Andrew Rourke



The Raindrop

Born from the mist the droplet takes flight
Cutting through air
Without whimsy or fright

Alone just a drip
But tonight she’s much more
In formation with friends
By millions, they soar

Swirl around little friends
Let us dance whilst we may
For the trip is not long
And there’s not long to play

The lights are a twinkle
The rest painted black
Our crash is predestined
Dive into a splash

If we meet on the ground
We will run through the streets
Through the alleys and gutters and down to the seas

Reunited with a family of lost and of old
We’ll swim with the dolphins
In the depths of the cold

We were here at His Word
We were there in the deep
He hovered above us
We washed His feet

We were made into wine as His voice did command
We were sweat on His brow when the pain did demand.

As I draw close to home
I am soon made aware
That tonight is special
For I am to bear

A message of comfort
To a darling in bed
The roof is quite safe
You may rest your sweet head

We will knock on your roof, but we need not come in.
So dream well in your head
Till you see us again.

A poem for my love Donel

By Andrew Sept. 29, 2013

Book coming soon!!

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