[Reveiw]Ylvis – The Fox (What does the Fox say?) [Official music video HD]

What Does The Fox Say?

What the Fox Say…..

I got you to watch my video!!

As I was driving to my THB Dance Fitness Class last night and my children started singing this crazy song in the car. They were having a blast singing together and laughing. This morning my crazy best friend in the Ozarks put the video on her Facebook page. I watched it and was like what in the…? It was so out there that I loved it. I shared it with my husband and so now he is singing, ” What The Fox Say!”

I woke my children up to it and my daughter automatically started singing the song with a big smile.

Other videos From Ylvis

Funny, but not for children!

There are a lot of covers of Ylis “The Fox.” To many for me to watch, so use caution when allowing your children search YouTube.

As for me back to my studies.

Maybe you should join me and we can study together.

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