Are Americans Really Agreeable?

Americans Are Agreeable

In the November 2013 Issue of Readers Digest they had an article with some interesting facts. Instead of looking at everything we all like to disagree about the Associated Press wanted to find out what we agreed upon. They found that nine out of ten Americans agreed on these 11 topics:

Well there are a few that I don’t agree with.

Getting more education after High School doesn’t always have to be collage.

            Sad to say that unless you are going to be a doctor or lawyer, the degree you get will not necessarily be in the field you end up working in. Also most of the classes you are required to take have nothing to do with your career choice. It is just a bunch of money and time spent on things you really do not need.

Vocational schools are great. They focus on the career choice only.

Or you can be like those who want more in life. The ones who want only what they need to succeed and live their dreams. If that is you don’t waste another minute, DO IT NOW!

Sex Education in School!!

Come on America the only reason you think it is okay for sex education in school is because you are not comfortable talking to your children about the wonderful gift God gave us call SEX. This gift is given by God for two people who are united together in marriage/life partner.

What the schools teach is birth control. You are going to have sex so here is how you TRY to prevent getting pregnant and how to prevent STD.

Come on! Let’s teach our children that they are special. That they are worth so much more than instant gratification. At least for the guys. Girls usually are only having sex because they want to be loved and excepted. Boys,well they are taught from an early age that it is normal to go around using, YES I SAID USING, girls to get what they want. Educate yourself and your children. It is your job as a parent to love them enough to teach them one of the most important things they will ever need to know for a happy healthy life!!Real_Sex_Ed

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