Take the Shot

You Only Get One Shot If You Only Take One Shot

Words of wisdom.

You might only get 1 shot out of 100 but you would not get that 1 if you stopped at 99.

To many of us only try a few times and then quite saying that it doesn’t work.

You are so busy blaming:

the product

the business

the school

the fitness program/diet

other people

The reality is that the problem is you.

Yes there are SOOOO many scams and no matter how hard you work you will not succeed at them, so how is that your problem? You didn’t do the research on the company and what they have to offer. On top of that most compensation plans make it so you will only make a couple hundred bucks.

I found a company that pay 100% commission.

Yes that is right 100% commission.

Want to make 100% commission?

Click Here and I will see you on the inside.

If not just keep doing what you are doing and expecting to get different results.

P.S. Did you notice Zach moved his chair into the right position to make that shot. He knew if he stayed in the same spot he was sure to fail. Moving doesn’t mean you failed it means you have learned what doesn’t work.

Ready to Move? Do It NowTake Another Shot!

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