The Attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941.

Let Us Take A Moment To Remember The Fallen Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941.

Pearl Harbor
The Attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941

If you ever get a chance to visit this Memorial you will feel the sadness, the loss of life, the emotion of that day.

Around 7 years ago our family visited this Memorial.  As we watched the oil bubble up from the USS Arizona, I explained to our children, with tears streaming down my face, how as we put the flowers into the water it was a small way that we could say, “Thank You” to all that died that day.

So today let’s remember those that lost their life on that day and say, “Thank You”

For more information on the attack go to en.wikipedia.org

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

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