Preacher has Liquor at Birthday Party!

Having a Good Time Doesn’t mean getting wasted. Having a good time means doing what you love and I love to DANCE!!
Peace and Love
Donel Rourke

The Fu King Preacher

Preacher Knows How To Throw a Party

December 28th is not the best day to celebrate a birthday, but we don’t get to choose which day to be born, do we?

Anyone who has a birthday in December will tell you, they have experienced the Christmas/birthday gift, the Christmas card with Merry Christmas scratched out and happy birthday written in its place, or perhaps their birthday has been completely forgotten. My wife is one of those people.

One year, when I was a firefighter and working on shift, we had a really busy day with multiple car accidents and I know at least one house fire. At 12:15 that night, which was really 12:15 in the morning of December 29th, I realized that I had not even said happy birthday to my wife. I called, woke her up, and apologized. She was great about it, but I know that it…

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