Shocking Video Of A Preacher Who Says Cuss Words!

Learning to have a relationship with God instead of being kept in a box in religion . You are Loved!!
When you get that one simple concept. You will be released. Set Free

The Fu King Preacher

Preacher Who Says Its Ok To Use Cuss Words

What’s up Mother fuckers!!! Oh shit! I think half of the bitches that just clicked on this link have just shit their pants and are gone before I drop the explanation for all of those expletives. And by Mother Fuckers, I meant it in the most affectionate way, like… My Homies or My brothers!

I’ve been called to the ministry since 1999 and went through seminary and have a piece of paper and a ring (Big Deal). The decision to go ahead and use the same words that the rest of the world uses was easy as long as I thought no one else was listening, but to come right out and say “fuck” while preaching about the Love of God? That took a little more prodding from the Holy Spirit. By the way, all of the holy rollers are digging…

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