FuKing Preacher offered Meth at McDonalds in Galveston!

I don’t know about you but I would roll my window down to talk to him. Luckily God is with The Fu King Preacher keeping him safe.

The Fu King Preacher



How would you react to someone saying this to you?

 They walk up to you in a parking lot and start-up a conversation about some little insignificant thing and the next thing you know you hear “13 GRAMS!”

Do you think that this man is going to Heaven?

Or do you think that he is damned to Hell because of his words?Tell me what you think in the comments

Maybe you would take him up on his offer?

I don’t know?

Tomorrow I’ll show you the rest of the conversation…

 G.O.Y.A. and celebrate the birth of Savior. 

The Fu King Preacher

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