Preachers Daughter

Dear Auburn,

Okay, so listen.
My mom has christian songs playing on repeat all day everyday.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love God and Christian music is great!

But listing to the same songs on repeat for a year can get kinda boring…

My Dad is a preacher.

The Fu King preacher (that’s actually how he spelled it idk why) anyway he’s a preacher with a twist and if you want to know more just search the Fu King Preacher on YouTube.

Anyway Aurburn, you’re a singer with a twist too!!!

I just got so exited when I found out that this was as Godly song!!!

I saw a post on pinterest about you and your song perfect two.

So I looked it up and loved it so much!! So then I started listening to other songs and the ones I heard were rap and pop.

And now I know you sing songs like this too!!

I am just so happy!!!

Taylor Grace.AKA

Donel’s dauhghter

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