I Am Getting Fat

Getting Fat, Why?

I am a Melaleuca customer.
All my products come from them.
I have used their products for almost 12 years.

THB Dance Party 135 lbs

This last year I gained weight 30lbs. 176 lbs is the heaviest I have ever been. (My heaviest was 190 lbs pregnant)

me now
March 20 2016 176 lbs

I had to take a long look at everything that has changed.

We moved,

I had heart surgery

and  I stopped teaching my THB Dance class which meant I stopped eating my Access Bar.
I also stopped my Fiberwise, my Attain Shakes/bars and my Ultra Performance protein.
I started back on my two scoops of Fiberwise last night.
Mixed up my Strawberry Attain Shake with one scoop of Fiberwise
and a handful of blueberries for my mid morning snack
and I will start doing my THB Dance routines at least twice a week,
after eating my Access Bar.
I would love to share Melaleuca with anyone who want to change their life.
I am living proof.
Use to products, put in the work have great body.
Don’t and watch to weight pile on.

Click Here to Learn more

Will keep posting daily to show my progress.

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke


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