I Am Getting Fat

Getting Fat, Why?

I am a Melaleuca customer.
All my products come from them.
I have used their products for almost 12 years.

THB Dance Party 135 lbs

This last year I gained weight 30lbs. 176 lbs is the heaviest I have ever been. (My heaviest was 190 lbs pregnant)

me now
March 20 2016 176 lbs

I had to take a long look at everything that has changed.

We moved, I had heart surgery and  I stopped teaching my THB Dance class which meant I stopped eating my Fat Conversion Bar
I also stopped my Fiber, my Meal Replacement Shakes/bars, and my protein.
I started back on my two scoops of Fiber last night.
Mixed up my Strawberry Meal Shake with one scoop of Fiber
and a handful of blueberries for my mid-morning snack
and I will start doing my THB Dance routines at least twice a week,
after eating my Fat Conversion Bar.
I would love to share with anyone who wants to change their life.
I am living proof.

Don’t and watch to weight pile on.

Will keep posting daily to show my progress.

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

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