Shopping With Children Can Be A Nightmare, Help!

Health of It

Why Are You Still Shopping Like Everyone Else?

Who here likes shopping?

I am not talking about fun type of shopping:




and all the other shopping you want to do

instead of the type of shopping you have to do.

What I am talking about is getting  the children ready and in the car.

Drive to the store.

If you you are lucky, the store is only 15 minutes away.

But the reality is it usually takes over 30 minutes.

Now unload the kiddos out of the car,

get into the store,

start shopping only to have the baby fills their diaper with a wonderful smell.

You know you actually thought to just wait until you get home,

but your eyes are burning because the smell is so strong .

Now for finding a stupid changing table.

The baby is now screaming!

You say screw it…

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