[Review] Melaleuca’s Exceptional Products


My review of Melaleuca’s Exceptional products.

I started using Melaleuca products after I filled out a form online about working from home.

Work at home:
No Large Investment
No Selling, Delivering Products
No Pressuring Others
No Complicated Paperwork
No Collecting Money or Placing Orders
No Risk!
Then the phone calls started.
The first person didn’t get it!
When I asked, “What do you sell,” she said, “Cleaning products.” I told her I already have cleaning products and hung up.
The thought of buying cleaning products from an online store when I could just go to the local store and pick them up was so far off my radar, it was crazy.
Then another lady called and she got it!
When I asked what makes the cleaning products they sell so “Great” she corrected me and said that she doesn’t sell anything, she just helped set up accounts for them. I asked what made their products better than what I already use and she said they contain Tea Tree.
I was like “What!”
You see I Love tea tree oil and have used it for many years, but I didn’t know there was a company that put it in their cleaning and personal care products.

She then asked me to listen to all the information on the company so that I could fully understand how the company works and what they have to offer.
I agreed to and have been a happy customer since that day.

I didn’t want to do it as a business I just wanted to try the products.

When I first started using the cleaning products they worked so much better than my store-bought products that when I told my friends and family and 14 of them switched stores and started shopping. Because I referred them to shop, Melaleuca started sending me referral commission.
I was so excited because this paid for what I needed for my household!

All because I did what we all do.

I told them where I bought these incredible products.

Let me ask you something.
How many times during the week do you tell someone about a special that is going on at the grocery store?
Or about a sale that is happening at one of the local malls.
What about the movie you just watched?
If it was one of those movies you would watch again, you most likely would tell your friends and family.
What about different restaurants that you have gone to?
How many times have you told someone about it?

Now how many of those different places that you have referred your friends and family to gave you a check every time they shopped there.
My guess, zero, zed, zilch, none.
We all do this, but most of us never are compensated for our referrals.
Every month for the past 11 years Melaleuca has sent me a check.

Every Month!
I Get It!

Melaleuca’s exceptional products continue to propel the company toward unprecedented growth. Hundreds of thousands of American and Canadian households have been converted to the Vitality Pack®, GC Control™, Phytomega®, ProvexCV®, Diamond Brite® and The Gold Bar®. A host of Sei Bella® products have found their way into the vanity cabinets of tens of thousands of discerning women who not only care about how they look today but are taking measures to keep their skin healthy and young to ensure they will still be looking great 30 years from now. These people understand the importance of good nutrition and quality products for their health today as well as tomorrow. Wellness is important to them.


I personally could give you product testimonies on all Melaleuca’s Exceptional Products listed above and then some, but that is for another blog.

Do you want better safer products for you and your family?

Click here and get your free information.

Make sure to get your free e-book.

Any questions?

Please contact me.

I would love to help.

Donel Rourke


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