Do You Qualify To Participate in Melaleuca’s Charitable Organization Program?

There are 3 different ways a charitable organization can qualify to participate in the Charitable Organization Program through Melaleuca.

The Charitable organization must have a Federal Tax Identification (EIN) and meet qualifications for one of the following:

  1.  A 501 C3 (149.1 in Canada) Organization – The organization has a determination letter from their respective Federal tax agency.  A copy of this letter needs to be submitted with the other forms.
  2. A Not-for-Profit Corporation – Incorporated through their respective state or province.  A copy of the entity’s date-stamped Articles of Incorporation must accompany the forms.
  3. A Self-declared religious organization – This could be a small religious group, non-denominational church, or religious group that is not incorporated. Letter of structure needs to accompany the other forms.  This option is only available in the United States.

Here are some examples of nonprofits that could benefit:

Churches, Parent Teacher Associations, Private Schools, Children’s Foundations, Health Foundations, Clubs, Ministries, Animal Rescue Organizations, Humanitarian Aid Organizations, Victim Advocacy Groups, Scholarship Funding Organizations, Environmental Support Groups, Youth Groups, Hospitals, Sports Teams, Charities, Volunteer Fire Stations, Day Care Centers, Rescue Missions, and so Many Other Non Profit groups.

We are here to help.

Find out more, now!

We are not here to give you a handout, we are here to give you a hand up.

Reach out today and let’s:

Do It For The Health Of It


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