World Record Broke by Frank VanderSloot on His 70th Birthday

Here is the email sent to me.

Frank set a new WORLD RECORD
Dear Donel ,

Earlier today, Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot put the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack to the test. Frank took his seat on a Concept 2 Slide Rower and hammered out a 100-meter row in just 14.4 seconds, demolishing the previous world record of 15.3 seconds in his age group! The previous record was held by Frank Bertina and had stood for over 18 months. Until today, no one had even come close to breaking that record. As Frank explains it, there is no way that a nonathlete with “a cushy desk job” would ever be able to go up against world-class athletes and win without the help of the Peak Performance Pack, which he feels is keeping him younger longer.

Congratulations to Frank for this momentous accomplishment, and to the Peak Performance Pack for powering Frank to a glorious finish! Watch the replay on Facebook.

This is the first time in history that a man Frank’s age has rowed 100 meters at such a blazing pace. It is an unprecedented display of power, strength, and energy.

Even more impressive, the record was set at 4,744 feet above sea level in Idaho Falls, ID. All previous records had been set near sea level where the oxygen levels are much higher, making it easier to post a record time.

How is it possible that an Idaho farm boy, turned entrepreneur, who has worked a desk job for the past half century could set a new world record on his 70th birthday? Frank attributes it all to the Peak Performance Pack. Backed by multiple human clinical studies, the Peak Performance Pack has been shown to significantly reduce free radicals in the body.

If Frank—who has been using the Peak Performance Pack for the past four years—is seeing these kinds of results, what could your future look like if you start at an even younger age and reduce free radicals over a longer period of life?

Try the Peak Performance Pack for yourself risk-free. If you don’t feel a marked difference after taking the Pack for 90 days, we’ll provide a full exchange, no questions asked.

Start your Peak Performance Pack journey today. Learn more at


Scott Hollander
Chief Marketing Officer

P.S. If you are experiencing exceptional levels of performance after taking the Peak Performance Pack, we want to hear from you! Share your story with us by emailing a short description or photos to


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