Lowering Cholesterol Levels Improves Heart Health and More-RM Barry Publication

Here is an email I received from RM Barry.

Melaleuca Money Saving Tips Success Stories

Eighteen years ago my cholesterol was 280. My family physician put me on a Statin drug which lowered it to 180. He wanted to add more drugs, but I refused since I didn’t like the way I felt. Three years later I was introduced to Melaleuca. I stopped the Statin drug and started Phytomega and Fiberwise. Three months later my cholesterol was 140. After seeing my results, my family physician became a Melaleuca customer and Marketing Executive! Recently, my cholesterol increased again. I doubled up on Phytomega and after 4 weeks there has been a remarkable improvement. Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Paul Vernon, MD

I had a major heart attack 5 years ago!  They had to bring me back!  As a result recovery was a long time coming. I started taking the Peak Performance Heart Health Vitamins about 6 months ago.  I now feel better than I did before I had my heart attack.  My cholesterol is down where it should be and my blood pressure is better than someone that is in their 30’s (I am 69).

I’m also looking younger than I have in that 5 years!  I wish that I had found these vitamins a long time ago.  I really believe I wouldn’t have had my heart attack if I had.  thank you Melaleuca for giving me back my life!

~ Bev

Melaleuca FiberWise, Phytomega and ProvexCV, and Vitality Pack have given me back a quality of life that is priceless. In May 2006, at the age of 42, one month after the birth of my son, I had a heart attack, because I have very small veins in my heart. I was a healthy woman that believed in good health care, and lived an active life. I had struggled some during that pregnancy, and communicated those concerns, with the response that I was older. That was very true. I had very routine health care throughout my pregnancy, and as with many of my pregnancies, struggled with high blood pressure, but nothing that I was medicated for.

The day of my heart attack I was struggling with walking stairs, shortness of breath, and extreme fatigue. Two days prior I did have a very unusual episode that I thought was sunstroke, but know now it was not. On that beautiful sunny May day with my 2 year old daughter and new born son, we walked around a garden park for about 3 hours. Before returning I fed my son and we drove home. On the drive home I experienced extreme pain in my chest and sweating. On arriving home I was in so much pain that I started to vomit and I was very thirsty. As a result, I went to bed. The pain subsided and the following day was a normal day of routine activity for me. That is when I thought I had sunstroke. But on the evening of my heart attack, two days after my first episode, those same symptoms came back, except I was with friends that encouraged me that this was very serious. My neighbor was a nurse and came to check on me, my blood pressure was extremely high 208/110 and my skin was very clammy. She was very worried and advised my husband to call the doctor, and an ambulance was summoned.

I was treated at the hospital and diagnosed with heart disease, and left on 6 different medications and one stent. The months following were crazy trying to adjust to medications which left me over-medicated some days, unable to care for my family. I had muscle pain, chest pain, shakes, fatigue, 2 additional stents placed, and heart rehab. It was a hard year. I wanted my health back!!!

Well… I got pregnant. The doctors told me to go off my medications, that they were extremely dangerous. They continued me on my blood pressure medications, and advised me to abort my baby so I could stay on the medication. Needless to say, by the end of my pregnancy I felt better than ever, and was able to regain my stamina and activity without pain.

That is when I was introduced to Melaleuca products. I made deals with my doctors to try the products and see if I had the results they saw when I was on prescription drugs. The results of the Melaleuca products the first 3 months were equal to my prescription drugs, but after 9 months my blood work levels showed an amazing difference. I had better cholesterol levels, better blood pressure levels, and my heart was performing extremely well. Today, I’m healthier than I’ve been in years. I’ve been able to shovel snow, run without chest pain and extreme leg pain. My blood pressure is in low normal range, my cholesterol is 165 total, with my LDL lower than when I was on prescription medications, and I increased my HDL by 10pts, which can be hard to do.

Being naturally healthier takes time, you need to be consistent. Prescription medications may be a quick fix, but will leave you with many other health sacrifices. If prescription drugs are so good why are we sicker? Natural alternatives will make you healthier over the long haul. What often happens is people start to feel better and stop taking what has worked, and then they lose their health and the doctors say “Natural alternatives” do not work. I’m not giving up, and the doctors are amazed!!!! Thank you Melaleuca for all your research and your mission.

~ Deborah

I don’t have numbers or specific results but I used to have high cholesterol. I am not a pill-taker so just tried to watch (a bit) what I ate. Last fall I had major blood test done as part of a medical and everything is normal. I looked at the report again to be sure and it is! I have been taking the Vitality Total for women (over 50) for a few years so I really believe that Melaleuca is responsible for my good health (I’m 80). I love all the products. Thank you Melaleuca.

~ Marie

I just wanted to share my story regarding Melaleuca’s fantastic remedy for lowering cholesterol – Phytomega. I went to the doctor in October last year and was told that I needed to go on statins as my cholesterol was going up, and the ratio was now 6.9. With a heart history in our family, the doctor said that I should not let my level go any higher. I pleaded with the doctor to give me 3 months to see what I could do. She agreed and asked me to report back for a blood test after 4 months. I immediately started on the Phytomega and also ate more oats in my diet. After 4 month I had another blood test and the result was: 5.8!!!! The doctor was a bit surprised but pleased and has allowed me to stay off the Statins another 4 month to see if the level is coming down still! I have no intentions to ever go onto Statins! Thank you VERY MUCH for introducing me to Phytomega. I would recommend it to anybody with high cholesterol. Many thanks,

~ Tweety

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