To Eat Beans Or Not To Eat Beans That is The Question

Beans, Beans the magical fruit the more you eat the toot,

The more you toot the better you feel ,

So Eat Beans at every meal.

This is what I grew up singing and doing, but I was always anemic and sickly looking.

Could the magical fruit be the cause?

So phytate, or phytic acid, is a naturally occurring compound found in beans.  The problem is that foods high in phytates might reduce the absorption of minerals.

So when you are fighting to get healthy, stop all beans for two months.

By adding a dense nutritious shake to your diet you will start to absorb the nutrients into your body you have been missing.

After 2 months if you want to eat beans just try eating mineral-absorbing enhancers, such as garlic and onions, to increase the bioavailability of iron and zinc in plant foods. And follow the guideline below to reduce lectins from beans.

Wait, Lectins?

I thought you were talking Phytates.

This is another reason to avoid beans if you are fighting “Any” stomach and or inflammatory problems.

You see beans have lectins in them as protection against invaders, so when we eat beans full of lectins we feel the discomfort.  Gas, Bloating, increased Pain.

Also, make sure to soak your beans in Baking soda for 24 hours changing to water mixture 3or 4 times to help lower lectins.

If you can, cook in a pressure cooker to help lower the Lectins.

To recap, if you fight any inflammatory diseases removing beans from your diet for 2 months and then cooking according to Dr. Gundry’s instructions and hopefully the “Magical fruit will not make you Toot”.

For The Health Of It

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