Alzheimer’s Risk: Limit Your Sugar Intake


This is my grandmother who was 93yo and while she looks great for her age on the outside, her brain is ridden with Alzheimer’s. 

High blood sugar is perhaps the best-known offender when it comes to your ability to think, learn and remember…and develop stroke and dementia (including Alzheimer’s)!

Eating more sugar DOUBLES your risk of cognitive impairment.

Early intervention is now recommended in the prediabetes phase and if your A1C or fasting glucose isn’t in an optimal range, pay attention bc its the biggest factor for cognitive decline!

Here are some tips to help…
🥗Control your carb intake. Carbs are broken down into glucose which ⬆️ blood sugar so decreasing total amount can help normalize it
Start practicing IF (intermittent fasting) using the 8/16 approach
😴Sleep 7-8hrs (even 1 night of bad sleep will ⬆️ blood sugar)
🥦Increase your fiber intake
🏃🏼‍♀️Exercise daily
💦Drink filtered water & stay hydrated
💆🏼‍♀️Stress management is key! Chronically high stress raises cortisol and blood sugar!
👩🏼‍⚕️Monitor your own blood sugar. (Fasting BG of 70-85mg/dL is optimal, less than 100 is “normal “, 100-125 is pre-diabetic and over 125 is diabetic!)
The way we treat our bodies in the first half of our lives will determine how the second half looks!

Be informed that YOU have the power to control way more than you know when it comes to your health!

Sign up today for my Health of It Group to learn more about how you can live Your Happiest Healthiest Life.

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