Should You Eat Sugar When You Are Sick?

Sugar When You Are Sick

The two types of infections that many of us fight every now and then: bacterial and viral.

Ruslan Medzhitov at Yale University and his team have found that giving mice with flu glucose saved their lives, but it killed those that were infected with bacteria. Amazingly, this effect worked in the absence of the actual pathogens – glucose had the same effect on mice injected only with inflammation-triggering molecules either from bacteria or viruses.

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Bacterial infections (ailments like bronchitis and pneumonia) are caused by single-celled organisms that can invade and thrive inside our bodies, reproducing on their own. Most bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics that stop the colonies from growing larger. (I don’t personally take antibiotics, but you can)

Fasting, giving the body a break from food or High Fat/no carb will help you go into ketosis.    Don’t eat sugar of any kind. (Sugar, complex carbs, fruits)

Viral infections( flu/influenza, common cold/rhinovirus) do not replicate on their own like bacteria does. Instead, viruses will take over our cells and hijack them to get them pumping out more copies of the virus, so it spreads through our bodies like a hostile takeover. No refined sugars (sodas, cookies, candies, etc) but complex carbs ok (vegetables, berries)


Do your research. 


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