2020 Halftime Show with J Lo and Shakira Causes Controversy

Too Much?

For me it was amazing.

The hard work that all the dancers put in.

Do you know how hard it is to Climb a Pole????

What about dance and sing at the same time?

The synchronicity of it all was outstanding.

Now let us talk about age.

How old is J Lo and Shakira?

J Lo is 50. July 24, 1969

Shakira celebrated her 43 on stage for all to see at the Superbowl.

Happy Birthday Shakira Feb 2, 1977

And then J Lo’s 11 years old daughter Emme joined in and it was magical.

These two ladies need to have a show in Vegas.

This is what THB Fitness Teaches.

Strong Sexy women of all ages can and should enjoy being a woman.

Don’t let others hold you back.

Other people’s options about you, are none of your Damn business.

Live a Life You Love.

And if you don’t love something about yourself change it.

You are the creator of your destiny.

Need Help?

Sign up for my accountability group and together you can love the life you live.

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