I Got Sick During The CoronaVirus

I Got Sick During The CoronaVirus

I got sick during the time of the Coronavirus, I don’t know if I had it. I don’t know if my husband had it. He was sick before I was. He started with sore scratchy throat with lethargy on Thursday and by Saturday he had a fever, cough, and all over body aches so he had to use Teladoc because we are all quarantined. They took all his symptoms and told him he has a virus and called him in a prescription. I read all the side effects of the medicine. It was not something I will take. It causes more problems then I was willing to put in my body. 

What I Did To Heal My Body

My symptoms started with tiredness. I was teaching my THB Dance Fitness on Monday and I could only do 35 minutes. Later that night my glands in my neck were swollen and my throat hurt. I had a terrible headache at the base of my skull and my tailbone hurt. I could feel my lungs getting congested. So one of the first things I did was Wim Hof Breathing anytime I started having breathing problems I would practice this breathing, also helped with the chills

On Tuesday I could barely think, I just slept. When I got up later Tuesday evening I found Oscillococcinum. I took my first dose that night and the next day I took 3 more doses throughout the day. I only had 4 doses only. I would have done at least 6 doses up to 9 doses. I also did the ColdArrest Procedure. I also stopped all food except my Shakeology mixed with almond milk on the first day. 

Then on the second-day same shake but I ate tuna salad and avocado. I don’t recommend eating because I had tummy issues all night in the morning.

The third day again drinking my shake only no food until the digestive system calms down.

I took Activate only the first day and ate at least 4 Melaleuca cough drops each day.

Going outside yesterday helped a lot.

The only downfall was I got sunburned. 


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