No Fear of Coronavirus

When you activate your Fight or Flight there is a sudden flood of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dozens of other stress hormones causing many changes in the body that include:

  • heart rate and blood pressure increase
  • pupils dilate to take in as much light as possible
  • veins in the skin constrict to send more blood to major muscle groups
  • blood-glucose level increases
  • muscles tense up, energized by adrenaline and glucose
  • smooth muscle relaxes to allow more oxygen into the lungs
  • nonessential systems like digestion and immune system will shut down to allow for more energy to extremities so you can act on the Stress
  • trouble focusing on small tasks because your brain is directed to focus only on the stress to determine where the threat is coming from

What you focus on is what you will manifest.

So what can you do?

First Relax!!!

Stay in a state of Love, not in a state of Fear.

Focus on your health.

Eat good fresh foods.

Move Daily! Go for a walk, dance or exercise

Supplements like Vitamin C, zinc, quinine

Get good sleep.

Meditate and use warm air breathwork.



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