What is the Difference Between Self-Hypnosis and Meditation?

Self-hypnosis has an end-point in mind that you are working to achieve. A Goal.

During hypnosis, you are not asleep! You are aware of what’s happening around you. The key is tuning everything out except for the matter you wish to resolve, like having more confidence at work, finding love, stopping procrastinating, or making better habits(food, self-care, self-talk). It can even help you to overcome the fears/anxiety you fight daily.

Mediation is focused on Knowing Oneself

When you meditate your mind is aware of everything, but you will focus on your breath, a focal point like a candle, or waves coming into shore. As you do this you will increase your self-awareness and it might shed new light on your problems, but it won’t be extremely effective for treating a specific condition in a quick manner.

Meditation, as described by Dr. Joe Dispenza, is becoming familiar with it.

It helps us understand ourselves, the good the bad and the ugly.

So as you become familiar with all your thoughts, your behaviors, and your emotions of your old self(Good & Bad) you can start to let go of the thoughts that are not serving you.

So which one should you do?


Hypnosis can help you treat many conditions with precision, in a short amount of time while meditation can help you become the person you were born to be when practiced daily.



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