Worrying is Negative Visualization

Stop Worrying!
It is just negative visualization.

Some people think that they cannot visualize.

When I work with clients one of the biggest hurdles that they have to jump over is helping them understand that they can visualize.
They have just been visualizing the wrong things.
They’ve been visualizing everything that’s going wrong.
They have visualized a life they don’t want to have into existence.
The key of getting what you want is knowing what you want and focusing on that.
When you focus on what you don’t want that is what you’re going to get.
When you focus on what you do want that is what you’re going to get.

The way you know if you truly focused on what you want is because you will see the pictures in your head. They will manifest because you are telling yourself words which creates these pictures. Guess what, you are visualizing!

Is it the future you want or the future you don’t want?

It doesn’t matter you’ll get it either way.
So if you’re one who continually says that hypnosis, meditation, affirmations, won’t work for you because you can’t visualize, I’m here to tell you you are wrong.

You have visualized the life that you are living right now!

The one of lack, the one of want, the one of not getting what you want.

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Donel Rourke, C.Hyp.

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