Weight issues usually have nothing to do with weight.

Finding out what is causing the weight gain will be the key to understanding why every diet you try fails. Just to help you understand that this is not a “you” problem, 95% of all diets fail.

Most individual try to lose weight by doing an action like the newest diet, the best supplement to take or joining a workout program. Doing these actions will get you some results but they are hard and take a long time and they usually fail.

Instead find out the thoughts behind the actions. You can do that by sitting and meditating and waiting for the universe to guide you, this will usually take months maybe years it all depends on how quiet you allow your mind to go or you can book a session with me and in 2 hours you will have the answer and a plan to get what you want.

Using RTT we have the ability to access the subconscious mind allowing us to uncover, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any mental or physical issue, pattern, or behavior providing complete freedom and healing.

What you need to understand is it is often not just overeating or lack of exercise, it is often a
emotional issue.

Lets look at the different types of eaters and discovery some clues to help you reach your goals.

Different Types of Eaters

Emotional/Mood Eaters – When you feel tired, stressed, or angry do you put food in your mouth? What you are doing is pushing those feelings down. You are eating your feelings. Lets look at some habits of emotional eaters: Eating when you’re not hungry. Eating as a self-soothing practice. Using food as a reward. Eating until you feel stuffed. Do you find it hard to control the amount of food you intake?

Addictive Eaters – Incredibly common – Are you addicted to highly palatable foods like to sugar, fat and salt. Do you need more of the same food? You can become addicted to food very quickly. Do you know that sugar has the same effect on the body/brain as crack cocaine. Like addictive drugs, highly palatable foods trigger feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine. Once you experience pleasure associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain’s reward pathway from eating certain foods, you quickly feel the need to eat again. The reward signals from highly palatable foods may override other signals of fullness and satisfaction. This is when you eat even when you are not hungry.

Angry Eaters – Are you someone who eats when you are stressed? You have stress receptors on the side of the mouth and if you eat potato chips, crunchy French bread, crackers, chewy toffee,
– it actually starts to release feel-good feelings. One of the main problems is the more you can hear yourself eat the more you eat. So the crunchy foods to turn to would be celery, carrots, apples, bell peppers, and salads.

Ignorant Eaters – People who really believe a salad from a fast food restaurant must be slimming because it is a salad. Or that anything that says low-fat healthy. Eating fat make you fat. If I don’t eat breakfast and eat every two hours then my metabolism will slow down. An ignorant eater is brainwashed to believe that these foods are healthy. Frank-n-Foods are the ignorant eaters friend. Think if it is processed in a plant you should limit if not avoid.

Destructive Eaters – Were you abused or hurt, or lusted after when you were small? You have an unconscious need to sabotage any efforts of being lean. You unconsciously do not want the attention. You actually destroy any attempt to be slim because you do not like being attractive and you feel very vulnerable and very scared.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you to understand the role, the function and the purpose the weight plays in your life.

Is it there to protect you?

Maybe it is a form of punishment?

Maybe it is a cry for attention.

Finding out the root cause of these feelings and healing from it will help you more forward to the weight you truly want.

During an RTT session not only will you uncover the root reason and heal yourself but you will design your new life. The life you dreamed of. The life you deserve. I then will make you a personal be-spoken recording for you to listen to for 21 days to help you continue on your journey.

This is your journey. Everyone is different. Stop making the same mistakes year after year and decide to change the meaning of the past so you can have the future you have dreamed of.

Book your appointment now

Donel Rourke, C.HYP.

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