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Erectile Dysfunction -Let’s Get It Up and Keep It Up


Let’s face it, you want your erection to be rock hard.

I mean 45-degrees to the body, the head is engorged, veins are popping out.

I mean you could hang a coat on it.

Now before you go to the doctor to get them to prescribe you a Viagra or Cialis which has so many bad side effects, seek natural erection treatment that can alleviate erectile problems.

Good nerve conduction and good blood flow are the two physical components to getting and keeping a Rock Hard Erection. Below you will find some natural ways to increase both blood flow and nerve conduction. The third component to getting and keeping your erection is the mindset.

Mental Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Stress, depression, performance anxiety, and relationship problems are just a few mental conditions that can contribute to challenges with erections. Let us review a few of these mental causes.

Are You Distracted?

What are you thinking about? Are you busy at Work in your mind? What is your focus? You really need to be interested and engaged mentally in the sexual activity you are participating in. This will help you gain and maintain an erection. If you are busy thinking about other things, or if your mind is preoccupied with stress or worry, it can be more challenging to keep your erection. Even direct sexual stimulation can be less impactful if your mind is not in a receptive and engaged mode. What you think about you get more of. 

What are your Beliefs?

What are your thoughts about yourself, your partner, and sex? Issues may arise when you feel like you are underserving, or if you have low self-worth, poor self-esteem, or experience body image issues or relationship insecurities. Each of these can have deep-seated roots from your past and then interfere with erections. These thoughts can and will distract and even detract from your sexual desire and motivation.

Do You Have Unrealistic expectations? 

Many people develop unrealistic expectations with regard to sex. Porn has not helped when it comes to expectations concerning your Rock Hard Erection. Expectations for men are often about performance and partner responsiveness. When experiences do not live up to these expectations relationship-based anxiety can ensue. For some, a basic reset of expectations can be helpful, while others will benefit from more in-depth cognitive restructuring

 I can Help You Get and Keep an Erection with Hypnosis.

Fast On-Demand Rock Hard Hypnosis or work with me and schedule your own Rapid Transformational Therapy session to find any underlying issue that is blocking you from reaching your full erection.

Do This Workout to Help Erectile Dysfunction

 Foods for Penis Health

Breathwork to Increase Nitric Oxide


Nitric oxide is involved in many cell processes, including the widening of the blood vessels, or vasodilation. Wider blood vessels help increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during exercise, thus enhancing exercise performance and you guessed it, it helps with your erection. Eating the above foods, exercising, and breathing through your nose will increase the nitric oxide in your body. Follow this guided breathing Meditation daily and notice how you feel afterward.

If you have tried everything listed above and you still are not satisfied with your erection there is help out there that is painless and 80% effective. 

Over 80% of men with ED who have received Focused Linear Compression Therapy see a reversal of their condition and give up taking oral ED drugs completely.

Nearly 90% of all men receiving the treatment have reported positive results and improved sexual performance and would recommend this treatment to other men!

Time to feel alive again!

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get it Hard and keep it Hard.

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