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FucK That Meditation

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I saw F*ck it meditation and I loved it and I polled my audience and they wanted me to make one.

So here it is.

Now I am one that really does not use curse words but I found this to be an amazing stress reducer.

Ten minutes and boom you could be rid of all the bullsh*t in your life.

Or at least for that moment.

Maybe that is all you need is one good laugh to remind you that nothing stays the same so F**k and let go of whatever issue or problem or thought is not serving you.

Laughter is one of the best forms of stress release.

Use the meditation any time you need to release a little bullsh*t from your life.

Studies have actually proven that swearing helps to manage pain.

The clinical term for this is the “hypoalgesic” effect of swearing.

Look it up.

And just because you swear it does not make you stupid. Cursing is considered a creative expression as you can use one word to express many meanings.

Think about it how many meanings is the word F**K?

Did you know that there are other health benefits of swearing? I didn’t know this.

They have found that it can increase blood circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being.

The key is not to allow anger to take over. You can tell the difference by your heart rate.

The goal is to release frustration and the stress of the day.

Listen to this meditation and say “f**k that” and let the sh*t go during this meditation.

Allow the words to help you to allow yourself to say “f**k that,” to release the tension, and any attachments, and go with the flow.



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