Coffee and Cleavage Helped Me Understand the Pros and Cons about Sex Tapes

Have You Made Sex Tapes?

Let’s look at the difference between Porn and Sex tape.

So first off… Is a Sex tape Porn?

So what everyone is calling a sex tape is just a camera set up and then the couple films themselves having sex.

Sometimes the couple is having fun playing around with a fetish or kink and they film their little fantasy.

There is usually only one angle with very little editing.

This is the real: with flaws, imperfections, and of course the bloopers.

The intention is for only the couple to enjoy.

To create a memory together. To have Fun. To connect.

Porn is going to be all up in it.

You know what I mean. Close up of the action.

Porn will also have different angles and will be heavily edited to get the final product.

Porn is not realistic.

Do you really think people have sex the way you see it in porn?

I mean have you tried doing some of the poses?

I mean come on!!

What you see is an artificial construct of the porn industry.

Porn is really just one-dimensional- visual.

Ok, maybe two with the sounds but still those are so fake I really don’t count it.

I do not like porn. Or should I say I do not like the disconnect that porn brings into my life.

Yes if porn is on I could get turned on by it and even have amazing sex watching it but the disconnect with my husband is crazy.

When I have sex, make love, and connect with my husband I want to be fully present with him.

I want to appreciate his touch, his taste, his voice. I want to connect with the divine to have an out-of-body experience.

I can’t get that from porn.

I can get it from watching mine and my husband’s sex tapes.

Hearing my sounds, my husband’s sounds, and watching our bodies move together is beautiful and sensually sexy.

Because of this, I decided to be porn for my husband. This experience is one that has changed our relationship.

We connect on so many levels now because of this amazing experience and was the driving force behind me creating Pussy Praise and the Rock Hard Experience.

Helping Couples connect to themselves and then with each other as they create a strong loving relationship through understanding is what Sexy Secrets is all about.

Remember Porn is not a user’s guide. Unless you want to be a bad lover.

Learn from porn and you will learn how not to Fuck a woman right.

You will learn so many different wrong ways to have sex that you will meet with lots of rejections.

Come on now think about it.

If porn made you a better lover the world would be filled with great lovers.

It is not!!!

Want to learn how to be an amazing lover?

Take a class/course from real people, not porn stars.

Here is the classes I have personally used and highly recommend for education.




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