Strong Immune System

If you want a Strong Immune System, You have to know the Invaders

Your immune system has a job to do and it constantly defends and protects you from the outside world by identifying the infectious agent and other disease-causing agents.

Infectious agents can enter your body in many different ways like the mouth, nose, bites, or wounds.

From bacteria to fungi to parasites that live off human bodies, understanding how these agents attack our bodies is the first step in developing treatments and cures for the infections they cause.

You can not fix what you do not know is broken.

I live by this.

I study and research every day to help myself and others to have an understanding of how their body works do they can have a strong immune system and live a life they love.

Let’s look at the main Infectious Agents that pose serious health risks to you.

Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms that can live almost anywhere; responsible for diseases such as UTIs, STIs, pneumonia, staph infections, strep throat, sinus, and ear infections.

VIRUSES are nonliving strands of DNA or RNA that multiply in a living host. Think of the common cold, chickenpox,
influenza, herpes, measles, and SARS-CoV-2. They can only multiply only in living cells of plants, animals and believe it or not bacteria(Bacteriophages)

FUNGI are a class of organisms that includes yeasts and molds that are responsible for athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections. When harmful fungi invade the body, they can be difficult to kill. It survives in the environment and can easily re-infect the person who is trying to get better.

PARASITES are multiple-celled organisms that require a host to survive. Meaning you are their food and their home. Some live in the body some live on the body. They are usually contracted through what you eat (tapeworms), drink (giardia), and even animals and insects (malaria).

Not all diseases are caused by infectious agents.

Other causes are, for example, toxins, genetic disorders, and the host’s own immune system.

TOXINS are the harmful chemicals created by living cells such as bacteria; toxins are responsible for botulism, diphtheria, and tetanus.

Now you know who the invaders are you can better prepare for any attacks.

The next blog will be on the best ways to get your Immune system strong.

Donel Rourke

Vagal Nerve Training

Have you heard of Vagal Nerve Training?

I knew a little bit but then I stumbled on this video and the information below and now I have decided to add these two training methods to my weekly practice.

I can’t wait to teach my clients this amazing technique.

When I started researching the best way to decrease stress I found that breathwork plays an important part.

As I read through several different descriptions of just how to do Vagal Breathing I found the best one so I quoted it below.

This breathwork is said to help increase the feeling of peace and calm.

Click here if you like peace and calm.

Latest research shows that Vagal stimulation has a positive response with Rheumatoid Arthritis, all digestive disorders including Crohn’s , IBS, and diverticulitis, autoimmune disorders including M.S., fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, PTSD, Epilepsy, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, anxiety attacks and heart arrhythmia.

Vagal Breathing Technique

Vagal Breathing enhances vagal tone, just 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference. 11 mins a day will balance the endocrine system.25 mins a day will balance blood pressure.

Part 1.

Sit comfortably in a warm room or cover yourself with a blanket.

Pick a hand position that feels right

Close your eyes and observe your natural breath.

Allow your lower belly to expand on the inhale and let your lower belly sink back towards your spine on the exhale. (Continue with this step until it feels easy and natural)

Part 2.

Gently and lightly inhaling through the nose, belly expanding, exhaling through the mouth belly relaxing.

As you inhale through the nose create ujjayi breath or ocean breath by drawing the breath to the back of the sinus cavity.

Exhaling through the mouth with a soft “haaa” sound like you are misting your glasses to clean them.

Creating sound stimulates the Vagal system as does listening to the sound you are making.

Keep the length of the inhale the same and allow the exhale to become longer than the inhale. (this is the key and the short version that can be done during other activities)

Part 3.

At the top of the gentle inhale pause your inhalation for about three seconds. (Breath retention stimulates the Vagal system)

then slowly exhale the breath out through the mouth allowing the exhalation to lengthen as you relax. When you get to the bottom of the exhale coast for a few seconds or as long as what is comfortable. (This time will increase as you relax)

Part 4.

Gently open your eyes 1/10th and focus on a point in front of you on the floor. Try to keep the eyes still.

Continue with the breath pattern.

Part 5.

Close your eyes and return to natural breathing. (This allows the vagal system to reset)

Wait a few minutes before opening your eyes. Notice any changes internally and externally.

With regular Vagal Breathing practice people report being calmer, more focused, healthier, happier, lighter and pain free. This technique can also be done reclining, or propped up on pillows. Reclining version will help people to fall asleep and is particularly effective to fall back asleep after waking during the night.

Which method are you going to try?

The exercises, the wave watching, or the breathwork?

They all will work to help you feel happier and calmer. Give it a try now.

Minerals in Your Diet

Minerals in Your Diet Do’s and Don’ts

The first thing is you should only supplement when you are not getting enough minerals in your diet.

Eating a diet full of good healthy foods is the best way to get your minerals.

The sad fact is most individuals eat Frankenfoods that are depleted of any real nutrition and they cause a large number of health issues like Inflammatory gut disorders that decrease overall essential mineral absorption, so it is important to heal your gut first.

So let us look at the list below and see what changes you can make so you can absorb more minerals.

1. Ensure your diet contains sufficient amounts of potassium from foods such as vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish.
2. Take in more foods high in heme iron from meat sources such as beef, seafood, and chicken.
3. Ensure your diet contains sufficient amounts of magnesium from foods such as nuts, leafy greens, fruits, and meats.
4. Consider a supplement if you don’t get enough potassium from foods like bananas, potatoes, acorn squash, spinach, melon, or beans.
5. Zinc decreases magnesium absorption. Do not take them together! If you take both, take one in the morning and the
other in the afternoon/evening.
6. If you don’t get enough Magnesium from your diet, if you frequently exercise, or take high-dose Vitamin D, calcium, or phosphorus supplements (these can deplete magnesium), consider a magnesium supplement.
7. Boron and probiotics, specifically Brewers Yeast (S. cerevisiae), can increase the absorption of magnesium.
8. Increase your potassium intake, as it can help lower blood pressure.
9. Phytates, found in whole grains and legumes, can also inhibit magnesium absorption.
10. Consider eating more foods high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and/or beta-carotene as they can increase the absorption of non-heme iron.
11. Low Iron Levels? Watch your coffee and/or tea consumption with meals. Why? Because they contain caffeine and polyphenols
(chlorogenic acid and tannins) and these can bind non-heme iron and inhibit its absorption.
12. Zinc and manganese can also inhibit the absorption of non-heme iron.
13. Chronic stress can lower your magnesium levels. Try meditation, yoga, and/or exercising more.
14. Avoid high amounts of oxalate/oxalic acid they bind to magnesium and cause a decreased absorption of this vital mineral.
Watch out for black tea, spinach, collard greens, sweet potatoes, rhubarb, and beets.

Don’t Boil Steam Your Vegetables

Boiling food can decrease the essential minerals in your veggies.

Minerals are lost in boiling foods, as they remain in the water that is usually thrown away, So if you are going to boil your veggies use the water to make gravy or maybe soup.

The best ways to keep the minerals in your veggies are listed from best to Ok best consumed, Raw, Steaming, Stir Fried, and Roasting.

Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is a condition in which fat builds up in your liver. There are two main types:

Most of us already know that excessive amounts of alcohol can cause Alcoholic fatty liver disease also called alcoholic steatohepatitis but did you know that insulin resistance can also cause Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Want to know a Crazy fact?  NAFLD is the most common chronic liver disorder in the United States and it is considered a lifestyle disease. This means your lifestyle is the main cause of this disease.

Watch Dr. Berg explain Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Top Critical Tips for Reversing Fatty Liver

First, stop all the toxins that are going into your body. Get rid of toxic cleaning products, do not drink or smoke, stay away from drugs stop eating fruits and vegetables that are spayed with chemicals, organic is best.

Your liver is your detoxification organ and if it is not working correctly you can not get rid of the toxins and then you die.

I know this sounds harsh but it is the truth. My mother-in-law and my son-in-law both died because of liver failure!!!!

Both deaths were horrible. You do not want to die this way!

Wake up you could be next.

Next, you want to lower your insulin. Insulin makes fat which deposits in your liver.

So What Can I Eat?

Let us focus on what can help reverse NAFLD.

Good oils like extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil.

Eat your veggies the best ones are Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts & Broccoli

Hemp Heart instead of oatmeal for breakfast.

Shirataki Noodle for your noodle needs.

High-Quality Eggs and Salmon are amazing for helping to reverse fatty liver.

Coffee is also good for your liver but without sugars, Pure Stevia is best.

NAFLD is not created from too much fat but from too many carbohydrates, sugar, and fructose.


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What Dreams May Come Inspired Song

Only One by Polo Tears

What Dreams May Come was a movie that my husband and I saw when it first came out and we loved it.

We have had the movie poster hanging in our house from that day forward.

Our children grew up knowing our love for the movie. 

This song was created for me by Polo Tears for Mother’s day several years ago.

I now know it was a cry for help.

You will hear the son Ian, played by Josh Paddock, speak about his doubts and insecurities about not being like everyone else and being a disappointment to his father. You will also hear him say he will not give up. You then will hear the father Chris, played by Robin Williams, speak and tell Ian that how his son feels is what is the most important thing. He also tells him that there is no one else he would go through hell with. I created this video for my son. I love you. Exactly the way you are. For anyone else who watches this video please know that I care. I am here to help if you feel lost and alone.

The video was shot in Cow Creek, Texas.

The words on the screen will activate your imagination. They will allow you to change your story to one of your creations.

Love the Life You Live!

You are in control of the life you live.

Your thoughts create your actions.

Your actions create your habits

Your habits create your reality.

Your reality is the life you experience every day.

Check out these videos below.

Relax by the Waves

Discover What you Want and How you want to Feel

Calm YourSelf with Box Breathing

Laughter is one of the best medicines so when you need to let go of the craziness check this one out. 

Watching the Waves for Relaxation

Do you Love Watching the Waves?

How often do you get to go to the beach and just sit and watch the waves for an hour uninterrupted?

If you can’t go daily I created these videos for you.
One is just the waves and the sound of the waves.

The other one is for playing when you are ready to calm the mind and allow sleep to flow to you.
Which one will you listen to first?

This one is 4 hours long and was made to allow sleep to flow over you.

This is also my favorite one because the music was created by the talented Tristan Rourke aka Polo Tears on SoundCloud.

So Hum Breathing


So Hum Breathing

Okay, I was trying this So Hum Breathing

and I was having trouble saying SOOO HUMMM while breathing.

Then I found out you are supposed to be quiet.

Quiet while meditating, who knew?


 So’Ham or Hamsa?

So’ham (SoHum) Works with Hamsa mantra

Hamsa asks the question, “That am I”?

Soham provides the answer, “I Am that”.

Three methods can be used in order to move your attention systematically inward.

Whether you practice the steps above

or if you just sit and practice with the video below,

just do it!

Watch the relaxing waves in this video

Pros and Cons about Sex Tapes

Have You Made Sex Tapes?

Let’s look at the difference between Porn and Sex tapes.

So first off… Is a Sex tape Porn?

What everyone is calling a sex tape is just a camera set up and then the couple films themselves having sex.

Sometimes the couple is having fun playing around with a fetish or kink and they film their little fantasy.

There is usually only one angle with very little editing.

This is the real: with flaws, imperfections, and of course the bloopers.

The intention is for only the couple to enjoy.

To create a memory together. To have Fun. To connect.

Porn is going to be all up in it.

You know what I mean. Close-up of the action.

You will notice that porn will also have different angles and will be heavily edited to get the final product.

Understand porn is not realistic.

Do you really think people have sex the way you see it in porn?

I mean have you tried doing some of the poses?

I mean come on!!

What you see is an artificial construct of the porn industry.

You see porn is really just one-dimensional- visual.

Ok, maybe two with the sounds but still those are so fake I really don’t count it.

I Do Not Like Porn.

Or should I say I do not like the disconnect that porn brings into my life!

Yes if porn is on I could get turned on by it and even have amazing sex watching it but the disconnect with my husband is crazy.

When I have sex, make love, and connect with my husband I want to be fully present with him.

I want to appreciate his touch, his taste, his voice. I want to connect with the divine to have an out-of-body experience.

I can’t get that from porn.

I can get it from watching mine and my husband’s sex tapes.

Hearing my sounds, and my husband’s sounds, and watching our bodies move together is beautiful and sensually sexy.

Create Sex Tapes and Be Porn for Your Lover

I decided to be porn for my husband.  Meaning I create amazing pictures and videos and stories for my lover.

This experience is one that has changed our relationship.

We now connect on so many levels because of this amazing experience and it was the driving force behind my creating Pussy Praise and the Rock Hard Experience.

Helping Couples connect to themselves and then with each other as they create a strong loving relationship through understanding is what Sexy Secrets is all about.

Remember Porn is not a user’s guide. Unless you want to be a lousy lover.

Learn from porn and you will learn how not to Fuck a woman right.

You will learn so many different wrong ways to have sex that you will meet with lots of rejections.

Come on now think about it.

If porn made you a better lover the world would be filled with great lovers.

It is not!!!

Want to learn how to be an amazing lover?

Take a class/course from real people, not porn stars.

Here are the classes I have personally used and highly recommend for education.



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Healing Hypnosis

Bio-Hack Your Mind for Optimal Health

You can assist your body to speed up healing.

You have the power to help your body to be whole and healthy.

Use this audio anytime you feel dis-ease in your body.

Bio-HackYour Mind for Optimal Health by Health of It Transformation

Want more information? Let me know.

Porn for Your Husband-Part One

I’m not a big fan of Porn

I believe that porn gives individuals false information and false expectations and can damage relationships. 

Men are visual creatures and because of this, you need to be porn for your husband. 

He needs to be able to see and feel and experience this excitement of you all day long. 

Take pictures. 

Yes I mean take selfies throughout the day and send them to your husband at work.

Even just one a day I guarantee will put a smile on his face. 

And yes I mean boob shots. 

He loves you but I promise he wants to see your boobs or whatever else is his favorite body part on you. Send it to him. 

You want him to want and Desire your body, your shape, your curves, every inch of you. 

Be Porn for Your Husband

Allow him to gaze at your body. 

Give him permission to enjoy looking at your naked body. 

When he says he loves looking at your ass, your titties, your pussy, HE LOVES LOOKING AT YOUR ASS your titties your pussy!! 

He does not see the faults you see.

He sees the sexy, beautiful gorgeous women that God made. 

Every inch of your body is desired by your lover. 

DO NOT PUT YOURSELF down in front of your husband, your lover, your soulmate. 

This is not sexy to him.

 First, you are talking about the women he loves and adores. 

The person he wants to look at, touch, and spend his life with. 

Second, if you don’t love and accept your body how the hell do you expect anyone else to love and respect your body?

Now take pictures of you. 

And I mean a lot of pictures.

This should be a  gift that you give to your husband and yourself. 

Make it fun, plan your outfit and plan what you want to do.

This is about what you want and how you want to feel.

Start today and have an Incredible Marriage.

Donel Rourke

I recommend all my ladies get Pussy Praise Journal to document their journey.

Learn more information about Pussy Praise Now.

Sexy Secret Podcast will begin Jan 2023 until then enjoy the Youtube channel.

FucK That Meditation

Have a Fucking Amazing Day

Fuck that meditation was inspired by a “Fuck it” meditation and I loved it and I polled my audience and they wanted me to make one.

So here it is.

Now I am one that really does not use curse words but I found this to be an amazing stress reducer.

Ten minutes and boom you could be rid of all the bullshit in your life.

Or at least for that moment.

Maybe that is all you need one good laugh to remind you that nothing stays the same so Fuck and let go of whatever issue or problem or thought is not serving you.

Laughter is one of the best forms of stress release.

Use this meditation any time you need to release a little bullshit from your life.

Studies have actually proven that swearing helps to manage pain.

The clinical term for this is the “hypoalgesic” effect of swearing.

Look it up.

Cursing is Considered a Creative Expression

And just because you swear it does not make you stupid. Cursing is considered a creative expression as you can use one word to express many meanings.

Think about it how many meanings is the word FucK?

Did you know that there are other health benefits of swearing? I didn’t know this.

They have found that it can increase blood circulation, elevate endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being.

The key is not to allow anger to take over. You can tell the difference by your heart rate.

The goal is to release frustration and the stress of the day.

Listen to this meditation and say “f**k that” and let the sh*t go during this meditation.

Allow the words to help you to allow yourself to say “f**k that,” to release the tension, and any attachments, and go with the flow.

Make sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel and Leave a comment.

You can find a Healing Hypnosis here.



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