This is what I fight!! Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

This is why I spend my days helping others to go from sick to fit.
I understand what it feels like to be so sick that you don’t want to live.

Doctor after doctor.

Test after test.

Medications that made more symptoms than helped.

I had no hope.

I could not do the things I loved like dance, spend time playing with my children, or just the simple things like walking. Forget about walking up or downstairs.

But then I changed my mind.

I changed my thoughts and I changed the words that I allowed myself to say to myself.

I became my cheerleader, my motivator instead of my doom and gloom critic.
I found the best coach/functional medicine doctor who gave me simply do this and watch your life change instructions and I did exactly that.

No questions I just followed her recommendation.

Once I got my health back I went to school and discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy and found my purpose.

Now I have the knowledge of why my body responds to food, to stress, to my thoughts and I choose each moment to live a life of my choosing, not one that just happens.

I know that if I eat sugar I will have an increase in inflammation in my body.

I know if I do stress-inducing exercises I will have an increase in inflammation.

I know if I consume alcohol I will have an increase in inflammation.

Why is the knowledge helpful to me? Because now I know I can control how much pain I am in.

My past choices have been increasing the symptoms I had from CFS/ME, Lupus, fibromyalgia, EDS, MCAS, and Grovers.

All the joint pain, muscle pain, and bone pain from my choices.

Memory loss and forgetfulness loss of focus are all from my choices.

The symptoms of IBS, PCOS, Insulin Resistance and fatty liver were all from my choices.

When I understood that it was my choices causing 95% of my symptoms, at first I was upset that I did this to myself but then Rapid Transformational Therapy showed me if my choices were making me sick, then if I change my choices I could change the symptom.

My coach/functional medicine doctor helped me understand how my body’s hormones worked in the body. She taught me how stress causes a hormone disruption.

Sleep, food, alcohol, toxins in our personal care products and even cleaning product all cause stress to the body. But the biggest cause of stress is the words we say to ourselves and the looping thoughts that we think.

Understanding is the key to getting what you want.

What do you want?

Do you know?

Ask yourself right now, “What do I want and How do I want to feel?”

For me I want to love the life I live feeling a sense of peace in every decision I make.

I want to help others find their purpose.

I want to help others go from sick to fit.

I want to help others Love the Life they Live.

By Health Of It Transformation

"Health of It Transformation" is intended to educate and support individuals on their road to living their healthiest happiest sexiest life. Blessing others is my calling and now I do that as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnotherapist, Published Author, and Creator of motivational and mediation videos. Hope to bless you today.