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Total Body Workout

I know you love to spend 15 minutes stretching,

45 minutes on the elliptical,

30/45 minutes with weights,

10 minutes for core work

and another 15 minutes of stretching.

You want a total body workout in about 2 hours.

Yes you do have 2 hours to workout 3 times a week.

Wait you don’t have 6 hours to workout?

Then what are you going to skip?

Most individuals skip the stretching.

30 Minutes Gone!

That was easy.

What else can you do without?

Weights or cardio?

Which one will you choose?

Now add core and you just under 1 hour.

But wait I thought you said you wanted

TOTAL BODY workout.

Pilates Help Your Body From the Inside Out

So you want to take a class that will give you that strong healthy body, without the hours you would have to put in at the gym?

Pilates classes offer a total body workout.

Pilates main key function is to focus on aligning the spine and strengthening the core.

Pilates exercises intensely focus on muscle strength and core toning.

Want flat tummy?

The more often you practice, the faster the core muscles in the abdomen firm and flatten.

Pilates workouts are designed to improve balance and coordination by teaching a greater connection between the mind and body.

By doing that you get…..

Stress Reduction.


Pilates also teaches you to breathe properly,

which is a recognized stress reduction technique.

Part one is Inhaling through the nose ensures that the air is warm and properly filtered.

Through the process of deep breathing oxygen reaches the lowest parts of the lungs.

This is a part that is often unused due to improper breathing.

Part two involves exhaling through your mouth.

Breathing out through the mouth is referred to as forced expiration.

Exhaling through the mouth involves the use of abdominal contractions,

which plays an important part in building the body’s core strength

the main focus of Pilates.

The Pilates breathing techniques work towards relaxing the body by unraveling the tension and stress present in the body.

It results in a more effective flow of oxygen to all your vital organs.

This great for boosting  circulation, immunity and vitality.

In Pilates you should not think about work, bills, or any other problem.

.Pilates trains you to stay focused on your movements.

You focus your breath with the movement.

If you are not focus you will make the exercises harder to do, with less benefit.


Remember you are here to WORK SMARTER,


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Peace and Love

Donel Rourke



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