Getting what you Want by Making the Familiar to Unfamiliar

Make a list of all of the habits you currently have that are familiar: over eating, eating wrong foods, procrastinating, lack of confidence, dating/marrying the wrong type of person. You can not change what you do not know. Take you time. Look inwards. What do you want to change so that you can get what you what you want?

In the second column, write the behaviors that are currently unfamiliar: eating healthy foods, living a life you love, finding your soul-mate, advance in business and why you want to make it familiar.

This is where you will get what you want!!

Be specific, Be clear!

See yourself and your life with these New Improved Habits.

Behaviors/Habits Now

Unfamiliar-Why do you want this?

Ready to fast track your new Habits?

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Donel Rourke, C.HYP.

7 Levels of Why for The Health of It

7 Levels of Why – Exercise

This exercise can be used to help determine what really is your “Why” to accomplish anything you want in your life. 

As you work through the questions you will move from logical to emotional.

It is about how you feel (emotional) more than what you know (logical).

This is one of the hardest exercises to do, but it will have the greatest impact on you getting what you want.

Please, find a quiet place and take this seriously.

The following is a sample flow of question for you to start with to help you have a Totally Hott Body but you can use it with any desired outcome.


Question: Why is it IMPORTANT for you to have a Totally Hott Body? 


Question: Why is it important to you to ____________________________? 


Question: Why is it important to you to ____________________________? 


Question: Why is it important to you to ____________________________? 


Question: Why is it important to you to ____________________________? 


Question: Why is it important to you to ____________________________? 


Question: Why is it important to you to ____________________________?


Now take your answer and write it out and put it where you can read it outloud daily. 

Remember You Are Enough!

Everything you want is available to you.

Believe and You Will Succeed!

3 Ways to help you from Feeling Depressed

3 Easy Ways to Help You When You Feel Depressed 

1) Breath

Simple Alternate nostril breathing


This type of breathing can balance the two sides of the brain and this will then calm the mind and help return vital energy.

How to do it.

Sit comfortably with your head and spine straight.

Close your eyes and relax your shoulders. 

You will be using one hand for this.

Your thumb and your ring finger will be the ones used to close the nostrils.

Close one nostril with the thumb

Breathe in a long slow deep breath (always from the belly) through the open nostril. 

Pause for a moment.

Now remove the thumb and cover the other nostril with the ring finger,and slowly exhale through the open nostril. 

Then inhale back into that same open nostril, 

Cover it with the thumb again, 

and exhale through the other side. 

And so on for several rounds.

Keep the length of breath even. 

Breathe in 4, hold 4 and 4 out. 

Feeling anxiety/nervousness, then inhale 4, hold 4, and exhale slowly for 8. 


Every time you exhale, your vagus nerve squirts some acetylcholine which acts as a tranquilizer-like substance to slow down beat-to-beat intervals and has shown to improve heart rate variability and clams you down.

2) Eat Better

What you eat each and every day could be impacting your body’s ability to cope with depression.

A good reason to have a food journal.

I created a three month Food journal and you can order it on amazon.

Did you know that Protein consumption has been linked to higher levels of dopamine and norepinephrine? These are brain chemicals that play a role in your mood, motivation and concentration? 

Think of the Mediterranean diet when you want to decrease symptoms of depression.

What this looks like is an  increased intake of vegetables, a small amount of seasonal fruit mostly berries, omega-3-rich fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and anchovies, nuts, legumes and olive oil

Let’s face it, the food you eat will directly impact your energy levels, which can play a role in how you feel throughout the day. 

Unhealthy foods aka Frank-n-foods, that are loaded with sugars and fats can make you feel tired, run down, not motivated to do normal everyday tasks/depressed.

3) Mindfulness

Meditation can feel like a lot of work but the benefits are worth it. Meditation simple mean to know thyself.

Do you know yourself?

Most of us just let the world tell us what to do and how to feel.


Isn’t this Your Life?

So the simple way to know yourself is by asking 2 questions.

What do you want and how do you want to feel?

Those are the two questions that will get you what you want.

Asking yourself daily and writing down the answer will help you see just what it is that you want.

Write it down for at least 21 days

Is it the same answers or different ones?

For me what I want is to be happy, healthy and wealthy. I want to feel calm, peaceful.

So when I have a decision to make I ask myself will this make me happy, healthy or wealthy?

If the answer is “No” Then I choose to not do it.

If the answer is “yes” I ask myself will I feel calm and peaceful about this decision?

You can simply write these questions/answers on any paper or you can put it in one of several books I created for myself and my clients on amazon.

You are Enough!!

You always have been and you always will be.

Spend 2 minutes a day creating your future.

Use this journal to write down at least 3 affirmations daily to help remind you who you are.

Write it, Say it, Believe it!

You are, what you think you are. You are Enough!

Perfect for everyone who wants to live a life they Love.

You are the creator of your reality.

Every thought you think and every word you speak create the reality you live in.

Ask yourself daily, What do I want? How Do I want to Feel?

Journaling will help you see what thoughts you are having that are creating your reality.

You get to choose your reality.

Take the first step and become aware of your thoughts.

Write them down.

Now take control of your thought and you will have the reality you want.

You are enough!

Everything you want is available to you.

The life you have always dreamed of is only a thought away.

If you are someone who has battled depression for several years and want to find the root cause schedule your free consultation to find out if you would benefit from having your own Transformation session.

Donel Rourke C.HYP.


Weight issues usually have nothing to do with weight.

Finding out what is causing the weight gain will be the key to understanding why every diet you try fails. Just to help you understand that this is not a “you” problem, 95% of all diets fail.

Most individual try to lose weight by doing an action like the newest diet, the best supplement to take or joining a workout program. Doing these actions will get you some results but they are hard and take a long time and they usually fail.

Instead find out the thoughts behind the actions. You can do that by sitting and meditating and waiting for the universe to guide you, this will usually take months maybe years it all depends on how quiet you allow your mind to go or you can book a session with me and in 2 hours you will have the answer and a plan to get what you want.

Using RTT we have the ability to access the subconscious mind allowing us to uncover, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any mental or physical issue, pattern, or behavior providing complete freedom and healing.

What you need to understand is it is often not just overeating or lack of exercise, it is often a
emotional issue.

Lets look at the different types of eaters and discovery some clues to help you reach your goals.

Different Types of Eaters

Emotional/Mood Eaters – When you feel tired, stressed, or angry do you put food in your mouth? What you are doing is pushing those feelings down. You are eating your feelings. Lets look at some habits of emotional eaters: Eating when you’re not hungry. Eating as a self-soothing practice. Using food as a reward. Eating until you feel stuffed. Do you find it hard to control the amount of food you intake?

Addictive Eaters – Incredibly common – Are you addicted to highly palatable foods like to sugar, fat and salt. Do you need more of the same food? You can become addicted to food very quickly. Do you know that sugar has the same effect on the body/brain as crack cocaine. Like addictive drugs, highly palatable foods trigger feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine. Once you experience pleasure associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain’s reward pathway from eating certain foods, you quickly feel the need to eat again. The reward signals from highly palatable foods may override other signals of fullness and satisfaction. This is when you eat even when you are not hungry.

Angry Eaters – Are you someone who eats when you are stressed? You have stress receptors on the side of the mouth and if you eat potato chips, crunchy French bread, crackers, chewy toffee,
– it actually starts to release feel-good feelings. One of the main problems is the more you can hear yourself eat the more you eat. So the crunchy foods to turn to would be celery, carrots, apples, bell peppers, and salads.

Ignorant Eaters – People who really believe a salad from a fast food restaurant must be slimming because it is a salad. Or that anything that says low-fat healthy. Eating fat make you fat. If I don’t eat breakfast and eat every two hours then my metabolism will slow down. An ignorant eater is brainwashed to believe that these foods are healthy. Frank-n-Foods are the ignorant eaters friend. Think if it is processed in a plant you should limit if not avoid.

Destructive Eaters – Were you abused or hurt, or lusted after when you were small? You have an unconscious need to sabotage any efforts of being lean. You unconsciously do not want the attention. You actually destroy any attempt to be slim because you do not like being attractive and you feel very vulnerable and very scared.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you to understand the role, the function and the purpose the weight plays in your life.

Is it there to protect you?

Maybe it is a form of punishment?

Maybe it is a cry for attention.

Finding out the root cause of these feelings and healing from it will help you more forward to the weight you truly want.

During an RTT session not only will you uncover the root reason and heal yourself but you will design your new life. The life you dreamed of. The life you deserve. I then will make you a personal be-spoken recording for you to listen to for 21 days to help you continue on your journey.

This is your journey. Everyone is different. Stop making the same mistakes year after year and decide to change the meaning of the past so you can have the future you have dreamed of.

Book your appointment now

Donel Rourke, C.HYP.

Transformation takes Time

SELF-CARE STRATEGIES to use with RTT® taught by Marisa Peer.

The following strategies are recommended to assist with your transformation.

You are encouraged to use them now and into the future until they are no longer required.

The more you use them, the more balanced your responses become.

NURTURING Yourself when feelings show up!!!

Some things to do: Make yourself comfortable in a quite, safe, peaceful room, maybe wrap yourself in blanket and now gently rock yourself while repeating I am safe, I am …years old, I am strong, I am powerful, I am Enough, I am Okay, I have everything I need, this too will pass etc.

One key tip is to engage circular breath work and mindfulness when using this strategy.

Allow the feelings to come through. Feel each feeling fully for 90 seconds.

Emotions need to be released but the nervous system needs to be settled to work through this.


Using conscious breathwork to interrupt the fear response/physiology is the easiest and most important strategy to practice and implement during the transformative process. It rapidly takes you from flight, fright and freeze to rest and digest with each breath.

Circular Breathing/Box Breathing has brilliant effects – breath in 2, 3, 4, hold 2, 3, 4, breath out 2, 3, 4, hold 2,3,4. Repeat 10 times, 2-3 times a day and when needed. Count on each finger to easily do the 10 breaths meditation.

Abdominal Breath work – inhale while expanding the abdomen, exhale while retracting the abdomen. Become aware and focus on the movement of the abdomen. Place hands on stomach if need be. Do 10 deep breathes 2-3 times a day. Bonus do the two breaths together to maximize the benifits.


Each day practice sitting for at least 2-3 minutes and focus your attention on your abdomen. If thoughts come, think, “That was a thought”, and let them go. Return your attention to your abdomen and feel each emotions that arise. If you sit and practice 4- 5 times a day, each day for at least 21 days, your system will override the intrusive thoughts, increase self-perceived safety and allow deeper feelings to emerge and be released. The longer you can sit and focus attention on your abdomen the greater the outcome.

Allow emotions to safely emerge. Remember the 90 second Rule.

Numbness and denial cap anger which caps fear which caps terror which caps grief, all stemming back to a lack of love experienced during a childhood experience the feeling of not being enough.

Anger is natural, what you do when you are angry is what matters. When you find anger arising, I recommend ensuring you are in a safe place and shout into a pillow, hit a mattress, pillows or a punching bag and or write emotionally in a journal. My favorite tool is a Dimmit Doll.

Don’t be surprised if you explode with anger and intense responses emerge, even towards those you love.

You may need to stomp your feet and have your own private tantrum.

This is a natural part of the transformative process. Remember, everything is under your control.

You will choose to keep yourself and others safe by projecting the emotions into inanimate soft objects away from others.

If you are practicing the body awareness mindfulness, listening to the audio and/or practicing meditation regularly, you will find that frustrations and anger passes quickly, deep seated grief may come through. Allow the emotion to move through you – e-motion = energy in motion. Remember to feel EACH FEELING FULLY for 90 seconds.

Let it go.

At the end of releasing grief, you may experience clarity and or exhaustion. Wrapping yourself in a blanket, hugging and rocking yourself on the edge of the bed/chair is very supportive and therapeutic.

With regular practice you will be able to notice when the emotion rising, feel it for 90 seconds, let it go and you be able to say, “What I want and How I want to feel is?” and then be the person you say you want to be.

Remind yourself that you are choosing to transform, and your life is changing for the better.


The following simple techniques assist in developing resilience and capacity to deal with life’s unexpected challenges.

At times you will need to be firm but gentle in these self-directed activities.

Always remember to “Be Loving” to yourself. You are worth it.

When you are feeling anxious, ask yourself “Is there a bear or anything scary in the room?” answer out loud, “No, I am safe?”

I am Safe

Cognitive retraining and emotional regulation

Alternating tapping between your eyes with your first 2 digits. Activates the cognitive system and regulates the emotional response. Good to do when engaging in a stressful task.

Brain training

Regularly use non dominant hand for tasks. Engage in unfamiliar, interesting, simple, enjoyable tasks.

When you are out for a walk you can practice switching your focus from the visuals i.e. trees, plants, people, etc. to your feet and so on. Switching the awareness will assist in improving your grounded state of consciousness.


Aim for 6-8 hours sleep, at least 2 hours of quiet time each day meditating/self-care/bath/reading, eat a healthy diet, hydrate with 64-100ozs filtered water, exercise regularly (non-adrenalized exercise such as walking, cycling and gentle yoga and 20 minutes cardio vascular exercises as desired), avoid unhealthy habits such as alcohol, smoking, gambling and other addictive activities, socialize with positive, sincere supportive individuals who love you, spend time outside, preferably in nature with your shoes off. Seek assistance when needed, release emotions with those who have the capacity to provide loving support.

Your desire for a happy, healthy, love-filled life will attract all of this and more.

The strategies will become effortless and a natural part of your love-filled healthy life.

Bonus if you free yourself from the past will free your children from intergenerational trauma.

This process of empowerment is transforming your life and many others.


Now your limiting self-belief is realized, the healing has begun.

You now understand that the child you were is not who you are now.

The person you are now has phenomenal coping strategies to deal with anything life brings.

You understand that you always have been and always will be totally loveable and everything you want is available to you.

Breath-work, Water and Protein dilute the Stress Chemicals and Improve Health.

Totally Hott Body Success Group

So you want a Totally Hott Body right? 

How’s that going for you? 

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made? 

How many workout programs have you started and stopped? 

How many diets have you tried only to gain more weight than you lost? 

How many times have you told yourself this is just how you are?

That everybody in your family is overweight or the diabetic or has some type of health issues.

How many times have you said if I eat this chocolate cake it is going to go straight to my ass? 

How many times have you stated that you have a slow metabolic rate? 

How many times have you joined the gym, or maybe a month or two? 

Order your book here.

Join the Totally Hott Success group and unlock the key to your success

This success group will work for you because I’m not going to help you change your dieting and exercise and mindset. 

I’m going to help you find the root reason for your thinking about diet, exercise, and mindset. 

I’m going to help you have freedom from diets and working out. 

I’m going to help you uncover your true purpose. 

You will learn what you love and what your body loves and the results will be mind-blowing. and it all starts with creating a new habit.

How to create a new habit. 

First you need to learn something new, then you need to use what you have learned repeatedly every day for the next 21 days. This is you consciously doing this action, thinking about it, putting it into your everyday life. To turn this into a natural habit, one that you don’t even think about, you will now need to do this action for 42 more days. This means you need 63 days to form a Quality habit. Quality habits come from quality thoughts and actions.

 When you Build quality thoughts, you will store them in long term memory, and good habits will follow. you will notice but your actions are ones that move you towards your goal towards your new habit towards that totally hot body. Being a part of the totally hot body 3 months success group will give you the tools that you need to succeed and achieve what you say you want.

A Totally Hott Body is a body that is healthy.

Your size and shape are not the focus, your health is.

Some of the “Fittest” individuals are unhealthy.

The outside looks good but their mind and internal health are suffering.

Keep track of your food and exercise and supplements.

Monitor your moods, develop new self-care habits, be grateful for your life and achieve your wellness goals with the Totally Hott Body Journal!

You’ll be amazed to find how writing in this journal every day will help.

You will notice that after recording the details of just one day, you will develop a new level of awareness. This awareness is your understanding of the part you play in your health.

Understanding is your key to the freedom from the self-limiting beliefs that have stopped you from having a Totally Hott Body.

It’s simple, fast, and easy for you to record the key information you need to help you form a new habit.

This is not about guilt or shame this is all about awareness.

It is only when you understand, then you can make the necessary change.

Give it a try, you will love the results!

What’s inside 1) Start your journey with the Mood tracker, to see where you are emotionally. 2) Vitamin and supplement tracker is key to help you see what you are taking when you are taking it and the effects you feel from taking it. 3) The food journal is key to know what, when, and how much you eat/drink. How do you feel when you eat? Write it down! Who knows you might even find that by eliminating certain foods that some of your physical problems decrease. 4) The self-care tracker will help you see the areas in your life that help you be the best you can be. Self-care can be meditating, showering/bathing, grooming, doing something creative, exercising…You get the picture. 5) The body progress tracker has a slim body image on it but ignore that. This is not about male/female, thin/thick, it is all about YOU and Your body. This is the page for you to chart your progress without judgment. This is just information for you to help you make the best decisions for your Totally Hott Body. 6) The habit tracker will help you see where you spend your time. This is important information so you can decide what you want to change or what you want to continue doing to help you reach your goals. 7) End with another Mood Tracker. How does it compare to the first one?

This is your journey.

You can do this!

You are Extraordinary!

You are Enough!

Order your book and message me to be invited to the Success Group.

Pussy Praise

Your vagina, your yoni, your pussy, whatever you want to call your sacred opening corresponds neurologically with your brain and essentially makes up who you are. 

When this sacred area of the female anatomy is free, liberated, safe and connected, then one can move into a creative flow, have courage to be open to sensuality, and enjoy giving themselves to themselves and to their lover. 

When your vagina, your yoni, your pussy feels loved, appreciated, cherished you will be able to move into a blissful state of being and even transcend the pain, collective suffering, oppression and division. 

You can heal from past traumas and free your Sacred opening. 

Healing through Pussy Praise is one of the fastest ways to heal your Yoni. 

We all need and want praise but the praise of others is not what we truly need.

It is the praise we give ourselves that we will believe. 

How many times has someone given you praise for the way you look or for some action that you did? How did you respond? 

Did you believe their praise? 

Did it build up your self-esteem and make you feel confident in yourself?

Most of the time when somebody praises us there is an agenda on their end. And we know it! And we won’t let the praise in.

But when you praise yourself, when you look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself how amazing you are, how lovable you are, how you are enough and you do that daily you start to believe it. 

Really believe it. 

You really start to see how amazing, how wonderful, how blessed you are just for being you. You begin to realize how amazing you are right now. 

Now you can do the same for your pussy! 

Tell her daily how much you love her and how beautiful she is. 

Look at her in the mirror. I mean truly look at her!

Start talking to her, praise her, tell her how beautiful she is, tell her everything she is supposed to do and how she is supposed to respond. 

What Color are her lips?

Your pussy, your vagina, your Yoni is a sacred entrance that you will only allow to be entered when she is ready. 

How plump she is! 

Tell her how much you love how plump her lips are, how juicy she gets, how she naturally responds to touch, to smells, to taste.

You asked her to give you all of the signs when she is ready to receive anything inside of her.

Every time you allowed entry, before she was ready, you caused trauma to your pussy, to your Yoni, to your vagina.

Now you listen and honor the wishes of your yoni, your pussy, your vagina.

You notice how plump, how wet, how inviting she becomes, when she is ready. 

If at any time you do not listen and you allow a finger, a toy, a cock to enter when she is not ready, then you are ignoring your own beautiful Yoni and You are blocking the gifts that she has for you.


She loves you and she has the ability to give life and you are blocking the flow of her magical energy.

Give her a voice, let her speak to you and listen.

The healing that will come will be magical, will be miraculous, will be one that you will share with many because you now know the blessing and the power behind pussy praise.

If you are not loving your yoni or you have past issues that are blocking you from having the WAP than schedule your consultation now or click here and get your instant hypnosis


God’s Favorite

Yes I said it I AM GOD’s Favorite.

I am loved!

I am Extraordinary!

I am blessed!

My life is mine to design.

God has chosen “Me” to live this life.

God guides me to live the life I was designed to live.

Everything is available to me and I am Enough. What I want is available to me!

God has the perfect plan for my life.

God spends time with me. God lives in me and experiences all I experience.

I am never alone God is always with me.

God’s plan for my life is perfect. I spend time everyday tapping into my God given gifts.

God gives me all that I need. God provides me with everything I need.

God motivates me to receive all the blessing that the universe has for me.

I live in the present moment because that is the only time I can truly experience.

God answers my prayers. God is my best friend.

I am God’s Favorite and so are you.

Spend time daily writing down your relationship with God.

Watch as your life changes as you begin to realize you are God’s Favorite.

Order your God’s Favorite Journal Now

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