“The Raindrop” by Andrew Rourke

    The Raindrop Born from the mist the droplet takes flight Cutting through air Without whimsy or fright Alone just a drip But tonight she’s much more In formation with friends By millions, they soar Swirl around little friends Let us dance whilst we may For the trip is not long And there’s not long to play The lights are a twinkle The rest … Continue reading “The Raindrop” by Andrew Rourke

The Movie “Beaches” With Bette Midler

I had the wonderful privilege of being able to share this movie with my youngest daughter tonight. We laughed and cried together and I know that I have shared something with her that we both will always remember. Tonight reminded me of that friend, that one true friend that you have had since you were young and even though you don’t see each other as … Continue reading The Movie “Beaches” With Bette Midler

My Life According to “Pink”

It All Started with PinkDec 2008 I went from this To This Turning 40 brought about some changes. Short hair, braces , and the beginning of THB Dance Fitness. I enjoy being fit,but I will never have the athleticism of “Pink”. Watching her inspires me to keep doing what I love to do. Dance! Watching “Pink” in this video amazes me and hits a spot … Continue reading My Life According to “Pink”

[Review]Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin Texas

How did you spend your Friday the 13th? I decided to drive my mom up from Galveston area to Austin for the weekend to celebrate her 66th birthday. We started it right! We went to the extraordinary Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. We arrived at 6:15 and we sat outside in the back in front of the stage. We started with the Wedge salad and then we … Continue reading [Review]Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin Texas

Zombies!! The Dead are Coming to Life!

The choice, Dead or Alive! As you walk around this morning, Look around, what do you see? Zombies Everywhere! You don’t see them, look harder. The term Zombie is often applied to describe a hypnotized person robbed of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to all surrounding stimuli. Your children are turning into Zombies! They are always engaged in some type of … Continue reading Zombies!! The Dead are Coming to Life!