Shoulder Pain Caused by Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and Tears

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and Tears

So I hurt my right shoulder 2 months ago and I have been unable use my arm without PAIN.

So the hunt is on to find out what is wrong.

Ok so now what to do about

Rotator Cuff Problems

Now the work begins. Will post with updates on what works and what doesn’t.

Only Work With The People You Want To

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Live your dream.

This is your life and you deserve to be appreciated.

Don’t let anyone make you feel all alone.

You are special. You are a child of God.

It would be better to be by yourself, than with someone who stills your joy.

If you are not working with the people you want to, than do something about it.

Do what I did and make the change now!

Live Another Way Of Life!

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[Reveiw]Ylvis – The Fox (What does the Fox say?) [Official music video HD]

What Does The Fox Say?

What the Fox Say…..

I got you to watch my video!!

As I was driving to my THB Dance Fitness Class last night and my children started singing this crazy song in the car. They were having a blast singing together and laughing. This morning my crazy best friend in the Ozarks put the video on her Facebook page. I watched it and was like what in the…? It was so out there that I loved it. I shared it with my husband and so now he is singing, ” What The Fox Say!”

I woke my children up to it and my daughter automatically started singing the song with a big smile.

Other videos From Ylvis

Funny, but not for children!

There are a lot of covers of Ylis “The Fox.” To many for me to watch, so use caution when allowing your children search YouTube.

As for me back to my studies.

Maybe you should join me and we can study together.

How to Tie a Scarf

Scarves For Dummies!

I am no Fashionista. Give me a pair of workout pants and a comfortable shirt with a jacket and I am good.

Don’t get me wrong I want to look good, but I really don’t have the knowledge.

So today I started my new journey to find what looks good and is in fashion. Last Fall Scarves were the in thing and I don’t know if they are “In” this year but I love the look. I just didn’t know that there were so many ways to wear a scarf.

Watch and learn.

Scarves! So What Do You Think In or Out this Fall?

Leave me a comment or your own video of how you wear your scarfs.

I need all the help I can get.

Look What I found! Another way to Tie a Scarf

 tie a scarf
cool way to tie a scarf

Donel Rourke

“The Raindrop” by Andrew Rourke



The Raindrop

Born from the mist the droplet takes flight
Cutting through air
Without whimsy or fright

Alone just a drip
But tonight she’s much more
In formation with friends
By millions, they soar

Swirl around little friends
Let us dance whilst we may
For the trip is not long
And there’s not long to play

The lights are a twinkle
The rest painted black
Our crash is predestined
Dive into a splash

If we meet on the ground
We will run through the streets
Through the alleys and gutters and down to the seas

Reunited with a family of lost and of old
We’ll swim with the dolphins
In the depths of the cold

We were here at His Word
We were there in the deep
He hovered above us
We washed His feet

We were made into wine as His voice did command
We were sweat on His brow when the pain did demand.

As I draw close to home
I am soon made aware
That tonight is special
For I am to bear

A message of comfort
To a darling in bed
The roof is quite safe
You may rest your sweet head

We will knock on your roof, but we need not come in.
So dream well in your head
Till you see us again.

A poem for my love Donel

By Andrew Sept. 29, 2013

Book coming soon!!

The Movie “Beaches” With Bette Midler

I had the wonderful privilege of being able to share this movie with my youngest daughter tonight.

We laughed and cried together and I know that I have shared something with her that we both will always remember.
Tonight reminded me of that friend, that one true friend that you have had since you were young and even though you don’t see each other as much as you would like too, you know they still love you.

I was lucky, I was blessed with two.

Dawn my friend from high school who’s first words to me were “Merry Christmas” and I reply back “Happy New Years?” That would have been normal except it was September and not December. Grilled cheese sandwiches and screwdrivers in the middle of the night, jeans that were so tight that when we had a water fight with the neighbors we couldn’t get the pants off to change. We were there for each other when our marriages fell apart.Through the years she has always tracked me down and stayed in contact.
Then there was Nita. She was the carefree hairdresser at the salon where I worked as a massage therapist. She was my Maid of Honor at my wedding to my husband of 14 years. We had been through some of the hardest times in our life together. We knew each other in a way that it was like our souls touched.

I miss them.

The movie reminded me how short life is and I am going to do what I can to see both of them.

When I do I will hug them and let them both know how much their friendship has meant to me.
Thank you Dawn and Nita for being my true friend.

Who is that one true friend in your life?

Maybe you should let them know you are thinking of them.

Unleash Your Beast

Unleash Your Beast

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Boobs are Funny: A Lighter Side of Breastfeeding


Apparently I’m at the age where all of my friends have simultaneously decided to reproduce (having an infant myself, I’m no exception); my newsfeed is dominated by posts and comments and pictures about everything baby, and I can’t help but notice how up in arms women are over breastfeeding.

We got it, breast is best. My kid gets the boob, she’s healthy, yay for us. But my first kid had formula for this reason or that; it’s not really anyone else’s business but mine. So why are all these moms being so pushy and almost abusive to their fellow mothers who have chosen not to breastfeed? It’s their boobs, their kid; control yourselves ladies.

Originally I had written a heated rant about the benefits of breastfeeding, but also how it is a personal choice and to back the hell off if it’s not your decision to make. But then I…

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Retire at 19

How did this 19 year old retire?

Living paycheck to paycheck is how most of us live our lives only to retire with maybe just enough to cover our expenses. There is Another Way Of Life!

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