Stop Being The “Perfect Victim” To Bullies


Marisa Peer, one of the world’s leading experts on hypnotherapy and voted Britain’s best therapist by Tatler Magazine and the winner of 8 Stevie Awards, offers five steps you can use to deal with daily rejection and criticism.

1) Say ‘Thank You For Sharing That’

When someone criticizes you, there is a tendency to either:

a) be on a defensive by arguing back; or

b) just keep quiet and hold back anger but at the same time, letting the words poison your mind.

Marisa advises that you should thank the person for letting you know. By doing this, you’re giving out the message you’re not going to let the rejection in.

You’re not letting the words affect you which means you’re in control of how you feel.

2) Say ‘I Missed That; Could You Say It Again?’

If the person continues to criticize you or if the criticism feels too personal or deep, ask them to repeat what they said.

A decent person would back down at this point. It’s easy to make an offhand comment without thinking but if you ask them to repeat, they will start to realize maybe they are being too harsh.

They are more likely to apologize or ask you to forget what they said.

3) Say ‘Are You Trying To Make Me Feel Bad About Myself?’

However, if the person does repeat what they said, put them in a position where they have to explain themself. By asking them if they want you to feel bad, you’ll know exactly what their intent is.

If they tell you they are not doing it to make you feel bad but just want to share what they feel, then in their own way they are trying to be helpful. If so, just take his words constructively.

4) Say ‘You Can Think What You Like But I’m Not Going To Let That In’

But if they are really being nasty to you, then let them know you’re not affected. Be calm, because nothing frustrates a mean person more than when the person they try to bully isn’t responding to there baits.

5) Say ‘Did You Know That The Most Critical People Have The Most Criticisms Reserved For Themselves’

And then you can end the conversation like a boss with the above phrase. There’s no possible comeback they can give to refute the statement. If they start on a new criticism, repeat the whole process from Step One.

Remember someone can throw seeds at you but you don’t need to plant them, water them and help them grow. Let the seeds of negativity fall away from you. Do not allow them in. You have the power to stop Bullies and Abusers. Follow the steps above build your self esteem and self-worth. You are worth it.

Realize You Are Enough!!!

You are Extraordinary!!!!

You can reach all your dreams and desires!

Donel Rourke

Protected: 95% of Diet Fail

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Your Stinking Thinking

7 Types of Stinking Thinking

Stop your stinking thinking and start getting the results you want in life, in your relationships and your career. The words that you say and the pictures you create in your mind and the mind of those around you will determine whether you live a happy, peaceful, prosperous, fulfilling life.

1)Over- Generalising– saying things like You Always….. or You Never….. are bossy or judgmental. You sometimes…. or you often…. will be more accurate and less confrontational.

2)Over-Emotional Reasoning– Relies on your feelings to determine your actions and decisions. Ask yourself what is the thought that is leading you to this feeling and is it justified? Think about how you react when you are mad, upset, or hurt, do you make good decisions? Now think about how you react when you are calm, coming from a place of peace. Look at how are they different? Which one will give you the results you desire?

3)Making Demands– Words like “Must”, “Should”, “Ought to” are demanding. Instead, use words like “Wish”, “Prefer”, “Want” reflect your feelings and desires.

4)Catastrophes/Future Telling– Predicting the future in a dark and gloomy way. You can not predict the future you can only predict the way you will react to the future. If the “worst” did happen how can you react in a constructive way instead of a destructive way.

5)Mind Reader-  You assume what others think about you and they are purposely doing certain things. Instead, just ask the person if they are thinking about what you think they are thinking. Are they purposefully trying to hurt you?

6)Noticing and Remembering only the Negative– You pay little attention to the positive aspects of your situations. For every negative aspect, focus on 5 positive aspects.

7)Excessive Self Criticism- Putting yourself down and only seeing the bad qualities. Remember you are Perfectly Imperfect. STOP BULLYING YOURSELF. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Your Mind #1 Job is to Keep You Alive

It’s about survival.

You survive on this planet by avoiding emotional and physical pain.

Your mind’s job is to move you away from that pain to pleasure.

Your Subconscious Mind is Your Habitual Mind

Your core hardwired beliefs are your habit patterns, relationship patterns, your spiritual connection, and all your emotions and feelings and they are all stored in this Habitual mind. 

Even how you learn is stored in your subconscious mind which makes up 95% of your mind, and only 5% is conscious. These core hardwired beliefs are held in your subconscious mind and they were put there from the time you were in the womb to the age of six. 

Your Conscious Mind is Your Creative Mind

This is your normal waking state of consciousness. You are aware of yourself and your surroundings in your creative mind. 

This is where your short-term memory is stored.

Here you can have positive thinking, and make plans about your wishes, dreams, and desires.

This is where you can concentrate and focus on the task in front of you.

All five of your senses are all connected to your conscious mind.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

You have thousands of thoughts a day, and up to 95% of those thoughts are the same as the day before. The sad fact is that around 80% of these thoughts are negative. The reason why is because your brain needs to pay attention, to be on alert for any type of danger or pain whether it’s physical or emotional to make sure that you survive.

Remember the #1 job of the mind is the KEEP YOU ALIVE

Your mind only responds to the picture you make in your head and the words that you say to yourself. The words and thoughts that you think every day about yourself and about your life become your reality. If you do not like the reality that you are in all you have to do is change the words that you say to yourself to change the pictures in your mind. Your mind does exactly what it thinks you wanted to do because it believes it’s in the very best interest based on the thoughts and beliefs that are registered from your thinking, your responses, and your interpretation of the life and events around you.

You are in charge of your reality.

You cannot change what is happening around you, you can only change how you respond to it.

You want to be conscious of how you respond to it.

You don’t just want to act in a habitual way. This is how you normally would respond, but you are now conscious of who you want to be and how you want your life to be so you are making some changes.

One of the best ways to do so is by making what is familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar. You will have to make the familiar way, the way you have always done it I the past unfamiliar and make the unfamiliar, the way you want to react familiar by consciously doing it every time.

Another great thing about the mind is it learns from repetition. The more you do what is unfamiliar the easier it will be the next time.

This is your mind are you going to tell it what you want in life?


Are you going to live on autopilot, just doing the same thing everyday, reacting the same way, having the same relationships, the same jobs?

Start living a Life You Will Love!

There is Help for OverEating

OverEating Revealed

Over 70% of overeaters are emotional and addictive eaters and emotional eaters use food to soothe unhappy feelings and to temporarily solve anger, loneliness, and unhappiness because eating temporarily switches off their negative emotions.

Another 20% are habitual and ignorant eaters, I call my Zombie Eater. Mindlessly eating whatever is sitting in front of you. Just eating to eat because it is that time of day. We have been taught to eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 snacks a day. Eating because everyone else is eating.

WHY!!!! Because of Habit!

Then you will have 10% that are angry eaters, usually because they have been deprived of something. They are on a “DIET” and can’t eat XYZ or they are mad at boss/spouse they eat to show them who is in control.

Where do you fit in?

Negative eating habits really can be isolated and broken once and for all.

You can change your relationship with food for good.

Live a life where food is used as fuel for you to have endless amounts of energy and information for your body to function properly.

Say goodbye to unhealthy habits.

You are in control.

Be Free From Overeating

RTT is a solution-based treatment that is based on the science of neuroplasticity and combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Neuroscience.

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Your Life is the Creation of Your Mind

 Hypnotherapy and Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the ability for your brain to re-wire itself and hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, that can be used to strengthen your neural-connections or create new neural pathways. Your brain is constantly changing and creating new pathways as a reaction to Your thoughts, Your emotions, and Your experiences.

Did you know that your brains contain about one billion neurons?

Every time you learn a new skill, have a new experience, think a new thought, you change your brain.

If you keep thinking the same thoughts and repeat the same behavior, you keep firing and wiring the same neural patterns. You create your behavior and how you responded to everything that happens in your life.

The words you tell yourself and the pictures you paint inside your mind will create your personal world.

If the words you say and the pictures you paint for yourself are positive, you’ll see positive results in your life.

If they are negative, you will see the negative.

If you are struggling with unwanted habits or emotions, you can learn how to change them. You have the power to change your life.

If you are not succeeding in business or in your personal life, you can learn to change the wiring of your brain so you can reach your full potential.


The brain doesn’t make a distinction between imagined and real.

Do you remember watching a movie and knowing well, what you see on the screen is not real, but still being able to experience a range of different emotions?

Did you ever have a great dream or a nightmare?

Did you ever hear about the placebo and nocebo effect?

As you can see, you use your mind every day, every minute to heal you or to harm you. And every minute, you change your brain.

Your thinking reflects in your body.

Your body reacts to your thoughts.

Do your thoughts make you feel relaxed or stressed?

Do you feel optimistic or negative?

Hypnotherapy helps you access your subconscious mind and focus on what you want to create.

You will learn how to relax and experience in YOUR mind your vision. You will re-wire your brain and learn how to behave and think differently. By repeating the new thoughts and behaviors, you will create new neural pathways. You will literally change your brain as the brain will delete the neural connections, that are no longer needed.

If you want to experience in your life happiness, confidence, calmness, creativity, or resilience you have to think the thoughts, that reflect those qualities.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to create changes in your life, but You need to be committed and work towards the goal.

Your life is the creation of Your mind.

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Law of Control

Fear Of Not Being In Control

What is it that you are afraid of? Flying, public speaking, snakes, dying, not making good grades, heights, closed spaces, open spaces, the dark, getting sick, the government, and the list goes on and on. It is none of those things listed above that you really are afraid of.

What you are really afraid of is NOT BEING IN CONTROL.

The LAW OF CONTROL begins and ends with YOUR THOUGHTS!!!

Your Thoughts control your Emotions,

Your Emotions control your Actions,

Your Actions control your Events.

You want to know the great news?


Please feel free to reach out to me to help you to take back control of your thoughts and in return, you will have control of your life.

What is the Difference Between Self-Hypnosis and Meditation?

Self-hypnosis has an end-point in mind that you are working to achieve. A Goal.

During hypnosis, you are not asleep! You are aware of what’s happening around you. The key is tuning everything out except for the matter you wish to resolve, like having more confidence at work, finding love, stopping procrastinating, or making better habits(food, self-care, self-talk). It can even help you to overcome the fears/anxiety you fight daily.

Mediation is focused on Knowing Oneself

When you meditate your mind is aware of everything, but you will focus on your breath, a focal point like a candle, or waves coming into shore. As you do this you will increase your self-awareness and it might shed new light on your problems, but it won’t be extremely effective for treating a specific condition in a quick manner.

Meditation, as described by Dr. Joe Dispenza, is becoming familiar with it.

It helps us understand ourselves, the good the bad and the ugly.

So as you become familiar with all your thoughts, your behaviors, and your emotions of your old self(Good & Bad) you can start to let go of the thoughts that are not serving you.

So which one should you do?


Hypnosis can help you treat many conditions with precision, in a short amount of time while meditation can help you become the person you were born to be when practiced daily.



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