To take a fasting blood sugar do it first thing in the morning, or at least six to eight hours after the last meal.

If your fasting blood sugar level between 70 to 108 mg/dL is normal.

A fasting blood sugar level from 110 to 125 mg/dL is considered prediabetes.

If it’s 126 mg/dL or higher on two separate tests, you probably have diabetes.

After Eating

Blood sugar level 2 hours after you eat a meal 135 to 140 mg/dl is normal

Between 140 and 199 mg/dl is considered to be prediabetes, and

200 mg/dl or higher can indicate diabetes.


Before Bed, it should be less than 120 mg/dl for normal range

Blood Sugar Chart and Indicators
Blood Sugar Levels Indication
Less than 70 mg/dL Low fasting blood sugar
70 to 108 mg/dL Normal fasting blood sugar for adults
110 to 125 mg Impaired fasting glucose (pre-diabetes)
126 mg/dL and above in more than one test result Diabetes
Less than 70 mg/dL Hypoglycemia (Initial Stage)
50 mg/dL Hypoglycemia (Fasting)
less than 50 mg/dL Insulin Shock
More than 200 mg/dL Post-meal Value suggesting established diabetes
What Can You Do? How?
Healthy Diet With HFLC & IF Lose about 7% of body Weight
Exercise Move at least 150 minutes a week

If you have prediabetes, healthy lifestyle choices can help you bring your blood sugar level back to normal or at least keep it from rising toward the levels seen in type 2 diabetes.

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