True Love, A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love Is True Love Nothing more needs to be said. The video shows how much love a mother has for her child. Adopted, birthed, or found. A Mothers love for her child is a special love. Peace and Love Donel Rourke Continue reading True Love, A Mothers Love

Story My daughter had to Write: Abducted

I home-school my children and for my daughters vocabulary words I want her to write a story. Her is this weeks story. By the way she just turned 12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeppppp. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp. EEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! I hear the sound of my car alarm at 3:00 A.M.. I force myself up out of my warm bed into the dark nothingness that is my bedroom. I turn on the light … Continue reading Story My daughter had to Write: Abducted

Learn Speed Math Tricks

Learn Speed Math Now Check it Out for Yourself 92×95=? (100-92)8+(100-95)5 8+5=13(100-13)87 8×5=40 92×95=8740 I love home-schooling my children so much that when I come across something like this it is like Christmas morning. I get so excited I have to learn more so I can teach them an easier way to do things which makes them want to learn more!! Win, Win! Want more … Continue reading Learn Speed Math Tricks