No I Will Not Pay Your Way Into My Business!

 One of my mentors with Empower Network shared this on Facebook. I love the up front, in your face, reality of building a business for a Lifetime. When you get mentored by people who make you work for your future you achieve more than if you are babied the whole time. This is business nothing personal just business. Read enjoy but most of all learn … Continue reading No I Will Not Pay Your Way Into My Business!

Successful People

Successful People Forgive I believe the most important thing that truly makes someone successful is Forgiveness! Forgiving others and yourself will release you from a life anchored to the past. What happens when you focus your attention blaming others? You spend your time consumed with hate, anger and pain. You focus more on what happened to you in the past instead of on the present or … Continue reading Successful People

Learn The ‘Magical Blogging’ Formula

Learning the Magical Blogging Formula Made Easy Are You Wanting To know The Secret? Watch, Learn, Apply! Get out your pen and paper and take lots of notes. Do NOT Multi TASK!! You will miss out on something that could change your life. Ready to take action? Click Here Fill in your Email and I will see you on the inside. Now You Know the … Continue reading Learn The ‘Magical Blogging’ Formula