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What is Creatine?

So Why Do I Need Creatine? You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from creatine. Vitality Elevate™ Pure Creatine uses high-quality micronized creatine to help supercharge any resistance training program.* Fuels muscles during intense exercise* Increases strength and power* Builds and maintains lean muscle* CREATINE TIPS Can be taken on an empty stomach,

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BulletProof Coffee

Starting your day with Bulletproof Coffee, on the other hand, gives you three things:// Suppressed hunger. Brain Octane Oil balances ghrelin and CCK, your hunger hormones, keeping you full until lunch. You can read more about the science behind BP Coffee and hunger suppression here. Steady lasting energy. The saturated fat in grass-fed butter slows the

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Does Peak Performance Pack Work?

Amazing Research Findings from the Freiburg Study In April 2014, a study was commissioned to determine the impact of six nutritional supplements taken together as a pack. The study was conducted in Freiburg, Germany with 48 healthy human subjects of various ages. None of the test subjects had been diagnosed with any disease prior to

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