Totally Hott Body Dance Party

The Creation of Totally Hott Body Fitness When I first went to apply for a teaching job at Fitness Evolution I had no idea what I would create. You see I went to get a job as a Pilates instructor but the owner said her clients liked fast pace aerobics. So me being the dance choreographer that I am said I can teach dance fitness. … Continue reading Totally Hott Body Dance Party

Food Plans For Healthy LifeStyle

Track food for at least three days. Intermittent Fasting to start. IFM Food plan to start for most individuals. MITO Food Plan for more Keto-like. It will support your body in the production of energy, restore a sense of vitality, and help you use food to support a graceful and healthy aging process. Elimination Diet, do you suffer from any of the following conditions: Digestive … Continue reading Food Plans For Healthy LifeStyle

How Much Protein Do You Need?

General Guidelines for the amount of protein are 0.8 – 2 grams per kilogram of body weight for the best performance and health. Wait Kilograms I measure in pounds/lbs. how do I get to kilograms? First, calculate your weight in kilograms by dividing your weight in pounds by 2.2. (round up or down) Second, decide how many grams of protein per kilogram of body weight … Continue reading How Much Protein Do You Need?

What are The Different Types of Eaters?

Weight Issues Usually have Nothing to do with Weight. Finding out what is causing the weight gain will be the key to understanding why every diet you try fails. Just to help you understand that this is not a “you” problem, 95% of all diets fail. Most individuals try to lose weight by doing an action like the newest diet, the best supplement to take, … Continue reading What are The Different Types of Eaters?

Too Hott For TikTok

I wanted to play on TikTok just to see what all the hoopla was about and guess what?? I am too hot for TIKTOK!!!! My youngest daughter has been making a lot of TikToks and was having fun doing it since I had finished the hypnotherapy training I wanted to play around and just see exactly what was going on on that site. It was … Continue reading Too Hott For TikTok

Water – Just Drink it

  I have heard all the excuses, I don’t need to drink water I get my water from tea, coffee, soda, any and every other beverage than water. How is that working for you? Skin looks healthy? Digestive system works properly? Are you tired or full of energy? How is your sleep? Do you lose focus during the day? Are you the happiest healthiest person … Continue reading Water – Just Drink it

Your Life is the Creation of Your Mind

¬†Hypnotherapy and Neuroplasticity Neuroplasticity is the ability for your brain to re-wire itself and hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, that can be used to strengthen your neural-connections or create new neural pathways. Your brain is constantly changing and creating new pathways as a reaction to Your thoughts, Your emotions, and Your experiences. Did you know that your brains contain about one billion neurons? Every time … Continue reading Your Life is the Creation of Your Mind

Law of Control

Fear Of Not Being In Control What is it that you are afraid of? Flying, public speaking, snakes, dying, not making good grades, heights, closed spaces, open spaces, the dark, getting sick, the government, and the list goes on and on. It is none of those things listed above that you really are afraid of. What you are really afraid of is NOT BEING IN … Continue reading Law of Control