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“The Raindrop” by Andrew Rourke

    The Raindrop Born from the mist the droplet takes flight Cutting through air Without whimsy or fright Alone just a drip But tonight she’s much more In formation with friends By millions, they soar Swirl around little friends Let us dance whilst… Continue Reading ““The Raindrop” by Andrew Rourke”

My Life According to “Pink”

It All Started with PinkDec 2008 I went from this To This Turning 40 brought about some changes. Short hair, braces , and the beginning of THB Dance Fitness. I enjoy being fit,but I will never have the athleticism of “Pink”. Watching her inspires… Continue Reading “My Life According to “Pink””

Zombies!! The Dead are Coming to Life!

The choice, Dead or Alive! As you walk around this morning, Look around, what do you see? Zombies Everywhere! You don’t see them, look harder. The term Zombie is often applied to describe a hypnotized person robbed of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and… Continue Reading “Zombies!! The Dead are Coming to Life!”

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