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How to Reduce Inflammation Even If It Is Genetic

From the age of 27 I have been fighting chronic pain and fatigue. Doctors had no answer for me for years. Around the age of 40, I was diagnosed with ME and at 50 I finally tested my genetics and they show that I genetically… Continue Reading “How to Reduce Inflammation Even If It Is Genetic”

Married To My Best Friend

Live a life you love with the person you love.

Protected: 51st Birthday Celebration New York City

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

WAP Blankets

WHILE OTHER PROTECTIVE COUCH COVERS are not fully waterproof, are incredibly hard to clean holding the bad smells or they are too small for a king bed or large sofa, the Callarome Waterproof Couch Cover has been TESTED for 100% PROTECTION against any wet… Continue Reading “WAP Blankets”

7 Levels of Why for The Health of It

7 Levels of Why – Exercise This exercise can be used to help determine what really is your “Why” to accomplish anything you want in your life.  As you work through the questions you will move from logical to emotional. It is about how… Continue Reading “7 Levels of Why for The Health of It”


Weight issues usually have nothing to do with weight. Finding out what is causing the weight gain will be the key to understanding why every diet you try fails. Just to help you understand that this is not a “you” problem, 95% of all… Continue Reading “WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF EATERs?”

Transformation takes Time

SELF-CARE STRATEGIES to use with RTT® taught by Marisa Peer. The following strategies are recommended to assist with your transformation. You are encouraged to use them now and into the future until they are no longer required. The more you use them, the more… Continue Reading “Transformation takes Time”

Totally Hott Body Success Group

So you want a Totally Hott Body right?  How’s that going for you?  How many New Year’s resolutions have you made?  How many workout programs have you started and stopped?  How many diets have you tried only to gain more weight than you lost? … Continue Reading “Totally Hott Body Success Group”

Pussy Praise

Your vagina, your yoni, your pussy, whatever you want to call your sacred opening corresponds neurologically with your brain and essentially makes up who you are.  When this sacred area of the female anatomy is free, liberated, safe and connected, then one can move… Continue Reading “Pussy Praise”

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