“Tub-Talk”- What is Your Why?

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What is Your Why?

For your finances?

Mine is to be financially secure enough to be able to help all the charities and individual I want.

You see I started with wanting to make $5000 a month, but when I was asked to really think “why” I wanted to make $5000 I realized I wanted more.

I wanted to not just be able to take care of my family, but help all of those that God shows me I need to help.

I wanted to be able to travel anytime to anywhere with my family, without worrying how much it cost or if I had enough days off from work.

Do you want help reaching your financial goals? See for yourself, you can make your dreams come true.

Your Health?

For Me it is to be as healthy as I can be.

I have had three heart surgeries, a mental plate with four screws in my neck, broken bone on my foot and I fight CFIDS everyday.

 Did I let any of these things stop me from my “why” for being healthy?


Instead I found my way.

After my neck surgery I could no longer do the exercises I did before. I could not jump, jog, lift weight or any type of impact exercise. I found Pilates. I fell in love with it so much that I became a certified instructor but I missed teaching. You see Pilates is really for a select few so I created my own aerobics class THB (Totally Hott Body)Dance Fitness.

My other secret, because I can only workout 2 times a week because of the CFIDS, Access Bar. Will not workout without one EVER!!!

Your Soul-mate?

I made a list of what I wanted for my soul-mate. Another thing I did was I didn’t even worry about looking for my soul-mate. When you are desperate you try to turn someone into your soul-mate and then you both are miserable.



Be Specific in your answer.

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke


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Do Something For Yourself Today!

Do something for yourself today, you deserve it.

What are you going to do today for yourself?


Eating Right


Read a good book

Hot bath

You choice just do it NOW!

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

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“Tub Talk” Telling You What You Need to Know

Telling you What You Need To Know

Telling You What You need to hear to succeed in business and fitness.
In My THB DanceFitness  Class we focus on being sexy not slutty.
Sexy is classy, slutty is trashy.
Find positive people to be your mentors
Peace and Love
Donel Rourke

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No I Will Not Pay Your Way Into My Business!

 One of my mentors with Empower Network shared this on Facebook.

I love the up front, in your face, reality of building a business for a Lifetime.

When you get mentored by people who make you work for your future you achieve more than if you are babied the whole time. This is business nothing personal just business.

Read enjoy but most of all learn how to have a successful business.


No, I will not pay your way into my business.

 A few times a month, I get an email from someone who says, “This sounds good but I can’t afford the cost to start. Will you pay my way in and let me pay you back out of my commissions?”

 My favorite ones are the ones that go on to say, “If you’re not willing to pay my way into your business, then you must know that it really doesn’t work anyway.”

 And the hilarious ones are the ones that say: “I believe that any program that asks me to pay money is a scam.”

 Whoever said there was no such thing as a stupid question has clearly never received one of these emails.

 The people who write these letters are morons.

 So, here’s my public service today for morons: I’m going to show you where your thinking is screwed up so you can stop being so pathetic.


 Read that again: you think that you can have something…without doing anything.

 And, unfortunately, you’re not alone. I wish you were. But, there’s a few million of you out there right now and you’re ruining the economy for all the rest of us.

 I’d call it a “lottery mentality”….but even in a lottery you have to buy a ticket. And you’re not even willing to do that.

 Let’s be clear: this is a BUSINESS.

 It’s not a soup-kitchen.

It’s not a charity.

It’s not a campfire singalong.

And it’s not a hobby.

 This is a business. And there’s no such thing as a business that has no expenses.

 Heck, even a kid’s lemonade stand requires the EXPENSE of some lemons and sugar.

 You know what that means? It means a CHILD is demonstrating a greater understanding of business than you are. You should be ashamed of yourself.

 Besides, if you’re a grown adult who doesn’t have $50 to do something that you want to do…..

 ….that’s the best evidence that you need to take a serious look at your life and start making some powerful decisions.

 Seriously. How long have you been working? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? 40 years?

 And you don’t have $50 to do something you want to do? There’s something wrong there, my friend.

 And don’t tell me that it’s “normal” for people to be broke.

 That’s bullshit. It might be “common”. But it’s not normal.

 Stop. Think. If you’ve been working for 20 years and you don’t have at least $20,000 saved up to do something you want to do……you need to change how you think about money.

 And, yes, I know that there are many people who are too sick or too old to work and they need to be taken care of by the rest of us. No one is disputing that.

 But those are also NOT the people who send me emails about how I should give them a handout. Or start their business for them. Or who think that their bank account is my responsibility.

 Heck, half these emails come from people whose signature line says “Sent from my iPad” or “sent from my iPhone”.

 You’ve got the latest, greatest mobile device but you can’t come up with $50 to start a business? Give me a break.

 You’re standing in a gold mine and bitching about the price of a shovel.

 The truth is that I can introduce you to as many people as you want to meet who started with NOTHING — bankrtupt, even — who decided to change their lives….and they made it happen.


 By not settling. By not being a weenie. By not having a welfare mentality. By not thinking that their situation is someone else’s responsibility.

 So, when you say, “I want you to let me do this business for free because I don’t have $50″….

 ….what you’re REALLY saying is “I’m not really serious about doing whatever it takes to change my life.”

 And if that’s the case, then you have no business starting a business in the first place.

 So, let’s be clear: I’m not a bank. I’m not handing out free money.

 And just because I was willing to work MY ass off to be successful doesn’t mean that it’s my responsibility to take money out of my pocket to solve your problems.

 If I want to donate to charity….I donate to CHARITY.


===> I refuse to be more committed to your business than you are.


 If you have the COMMITMENT and the COMPETENCE, I can give you the tools and the training to make thousands of dollars per week.

 I’ve done it over and over and over for people who are serious enough to commit to their own success.

 And it works.

 But, if you think you can attract customers into a business that are more committed than you are…..you are deluding yourself.

 Life doesn’t work that way.

 If you plant apple seeds, you get apples.

If you plant carrot seeds, you get carrots.

 You cannot plant weakness, enablement and entitlement and get success.

 That doesn’t work. It’s a violation of the laws of nature.

 Don’t expect to live like a WEAKLING and earn like a POWERHOUSE.

 Step up and commit to your own success.

Be self-reliant.

Have some personal responsibility.

 If you need money, go figure out how to get it.

Sell something.

Work for it.

Or put off starting a business until you get on your feet.

 Because the truth is this: you’re not short on money. You’re short on IDEAS.

 And IDEAS are free.

 But before we can even TALK about you starting a business, you need to get your head straight.

 Life is not happening to you. YOU are happening to your LIFE.

 You’re a giant drowning in three inches of water.

 Stand up. Tony R

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Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

Shoulder Pain Caused by Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and Tears

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and Tears

So I hurt my right shoulder 2 months ago and I have been unable use my arm without PAIN.

So the hunt is on to find out what is wrong.

Ok so now what to do about

Rotator Cuff Problems

Now the work begins. Will post with updates on what works and what doesn’t.