Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

Medications Can Deplete Your Body Of Vital Nutrients. Learning to be a Functional Medicine Coach has taught me many things and this tool is a keeper. Just go to this site and put in your medication and see what nutrients your body needs with all the science to back it up. Knowledge is power. Keep learning and if you want someone to coach you on … Continue reading Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

Diurnal Cortisol Curve

Did you know that Stress and Adrenal function can affect sleep, particularly the circadian pattern of cortisol secretion by the adrenal glands? Circulating cortisol normally rises and falls throughout the 24-hour daily cycle, and is typically highest at around 8 AM and lowest between midnight and 4 AM. Both high and low nighttime cortisol levels can interrupt sound sleep. When the adrenals fatigue, adrenal hormone … Continue reading Diurnal Cortisol Curve

Inner Matrix-This Book Saved My Life!!

The Inner Matrix Too many people taking their lives nowadays. I know stress: Teenagers, a husband with PTSD and I fight CFIDS. I had a plan to end my life. I could not fight anymore and then I saw an ad on Facebook for the book club. I am still here and I use most of the practices daily to help me. So Please don’t … Continue reading Inner Matrix-This Book Saved My Life!!