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What is Creatine?

So Why Do I Need Creatine? You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from creatine. Vitality Elevate™ Pure Creatine uses high-quality micronized creatine to help supercharge any resistance training program.* Fuels muscles during intense exercise* Increases strength and power* Builds and maintains lean muscle* CREATINE TIPS Can be taken on an empty stomach,

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Melaleuca Is A Gift

Joy, Hope, and Trust are just a few of the gifts Melaleuca has given to me. Back in 2005 ago I found Melaleuca. I was not looking for a new store to shop at. I was not looking for a new job opportunity. But I  will be forever grateful to the person who ran the ad that

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Shopping With Children Can Be A Nightmare, Help!

Why Are You Still Shopping Like Everyone Else? Who here likes shopping? I am not talking about fun type of shopping: Shoes Clothes Jewelry and all the other shopping you want to do instead of the type of shopping you have to do. What I am talking about is getting  the children ready and in

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