Totally Hott Body Dance Party

The Creation of Totally Hott Body Fitness When I first went to apply for a teaching job at Fitness Evolution I had no idea what I would create. You see I went to get a job as a Pilates instructor but the owner said her clients liked fast pace aerobics. So me being the dance choreographer that I am said I can teach dance fitness. … Continue reading Totally Hott Body Dance Party

Love Yourself Like No One Else Will

Love Yourself like No One Else Will, is a journal that was created as a guide to help you discover how Extraordinary you are. How you are Enough. As the weeks go by you will begin to understand that everything is available to you. You will see how the words you tell yourself are influencing your mind. As you change the words you are telling … Continue reading Love Yourself Like No One Else Will

What do your Dreams Mean?

Do you have Reoccurring Dreams? Do you wake up wondering what your dreams mean? Finding meaning in your dreams can give you an insight into your subconscious mind. 1.Your thoughts and emotions before sleep should be journaled each night before bed. 2.Then as soon as you wake up from a dream write it down. Do not try to make sense of it just write it … Continue reading What do your Dreams Mean?

How to Get Everything You Want

Asking yourself “What do I want and How do I want to feel?” will give you the answers you need to create your reality. Spend these next 20 minutes to discover what you want and how you want to feel. WRITE it Down!!! Now read it out loud. If you are serious about manifesting your reality then do this practice for 21 days. Are the … Continue reading How to Get Everything You Want

Texas Allergies

Allergies do you fight them?   Runny nose, sneezing, cough, itchy, watery, and/or puffy eyes, and nasal congestion are some of the symptoms most individuals fight. If you live in Central Texas, expect astronomically high mountain cedar pollen counts December through February. Grass pollen issues March through September. I the Fall weed pollen (particularly ragweed) from August through November. Mold spores float through the air … Continue reading Texas Allergies

Food Plans For Healthy LifeStyle

Track food for at least three days. Intermittent Fasting to start. IFM Food plan to start for most individuals. MITO Food Plan for more Keto-like. It will support your body in the production of energy, restore a sense of vitality, and help you use food to support a graceful and healthy aging process. Elimination Diet, do you suffer from any of the following conditions: Digestive … Continue reading Food Plans For Healthy LifeStyle

How Much Protein Do You Need?

General Guidelines for the amount of protein are 0.8 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for the best performance and health. Wait Kilograms I measure in pounds/lbs. how do I get to kilograms? First, calculate your weight in kilograms by dividing your weight in pounds by 2.2. (round up or down) Second, decide how many grams of protein per kilogram of … Continue reading How Much Protein Do You Need?

Love the Life You Live

Now take these rules of the mind and make them personal. Instead of “the” mind say “my” mind. Here is an example: My Mind learns by repetition- Give examples of things you had to learn by repetition: brushing teeth, eating, walking, wiping your own ass, driving a car, how to read/write. Example 2: My mind responds to 2 things- The pictures I create in my … Continue reading Love the Life You Live

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3 Ways to help you from Feeling Depressed

3 Easy Ways to Help You When You Feel Depressed  1) Breath Simple Alternate nostril breathing Why? This type of breathing can balance the two sides of the brain and this will then calm the mind and help return vital energy. How to do it. Sit comfortably with your head and spine straight. Close your eyes and relax your shoulders.  You will be using one … Continue reading 3 Ways to help you from Feeling Depressed