Be Free From Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Symptoms

This is what I fight!! Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. This is why I spend my days helping others to go from sick to fit.I understand what it feels like to be so sick that you don’t want to live. Doctor after doctor. Test after test. Medications that made more symptoms than helped. I had no hope. I could not do the things I loved like dance, spend … Continue reading Be Free From Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Symptoms

How Much Protein Do You Need?

General Guidelines for the amount of protein are 0.8 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for the best performance and health. Wait Kilograms I measure in pounds/lbs. how do I get to kilograms? First, calculate your weight in kilograms by dividing your weight in pounds by 2.2.(round up or down) Second, decide how many grams of protein per kilogram of body … Continue reading How Much Protein Do You Need?

Love the Life You Live

Now take these rules of the mind and make them personal. Instead of “the” mind say “my” mind. Here is an example: My Mind learns by repetition- Give examples of things you had to learn by repetition: brushing teeth, eating, walking, wiping your own ass, driving a car, how to read/write. Example 2: My mind responds to 2 things- The pictures I create in my … Continue reading Love the Life You Live

What are The Different Types of Eaters?

Weight Issues Usually have Nothing to do with Weight. Finding out what is causing the weight gain will be the key to understanding why every diet you try fails. Just to help you understand that this is not a “you” problem, 95% of all diets fail. Most individuals try to lose weight by doing an action like the newest diet, the best supplement to take, … Continue reading What are The Different Types of Eaters?

Can Rapid Transformational Therapy Help Me?

So you’re curious to find out all the amazing, fast and permeant benefits of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) and how it will change your life. Schedule your free consultation to find out how. RTT® helps to identify the root cause, so you can be free from what has been weighing you down for so long. RTT® helps to break bad habits so you can lead … Continue reading Can Rapid Transformational Therapy Help Me?

90 Second Rule

When you feel an emotion rising up in you, is it coming from an outside source or from your own thoughts? One thing I tell myself and those I counsel is truly feel the feeling that you are feeling, for only 90 seconds. Truly feel joy, happiness, anger, sadness, whatever emotion shows up “FEEL IT”. After the 90 seconds you are no longer feeling the … Continue reading 90 Second Rule

Water – Just Drink it

  I have heard all the excuses, I don’t need to drink water I get my water from tea, coffee, soda, any and every other beverage than water. How is that working for you? Skin looks healthy? Digestive system works properly? Are you tired or full of energy? How is your sleep? Do you lose focus during the day? Are you the happiest healthiest person … Continue reading Water – Just Drink it

Your Stinking Thinking

7 Types of Stinking Thinking Stop your stinking thinking and start getting the results you want in life, in your relationships and your career. The words that you say and the pictures you create in your mind and the mind of those around you will determine whether you live a happy, peaceful, prosperous, fulfilling life. 1)Over- Generalising– saying things like You Always….. or You Never….. … Continue reading Your Stinking Thinking

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Your Mind #1 Job is to Keep You Alive It’s about survival. You survive on this planet by avoiding emotional and physical pain. Your mind’s job is to move you away from that pain to pleasure. Your Subconscious Mind is Your Habitual Mind Your core hardwired beliefs are your habit patterns, relationship patterns, your spiritual connection, and all your emotions and feelings and they are … Continue reading Don’t Believe Everything You Think