Learn About Cell Command Therapy

Learn About Cell Command Therapy:

A Key Module in Rapid Transformation Therapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) utilizes the Cell Command Therapy (CCT) technique, which is a crucial module in the process. The concept behind CCT is that the mind’s ideas and suggestions can impact one’s emotional state and body. Bruce Lipton’s epigenetics research has shown that thoughts, emotions, diet, and other environmental factors influence our genes and DNA, shedding light on cellular biology. Our cells’ DNA and internal coding contain the necessary blueprints to regenerate and repair, although we cannot alter our genetic blueprint. However, we can modify our minds and change the blueprints utilized to express genetic potential.

CCT is an effective approach for treating physical, mental, or emotional illnesses or injuries. For example, Dr. Albert Mason, a British physician in 1952, used hypnosis to treat a young boy’s warts, which had covered his skin and looked like the skin of an elephant except for his chest. The power of positive hypnotic suggestion facilitated healing by directly commanding the subconscious mind.

To start the healing process, I use RTT and CCT to determine the root cause of the illness or injury through a process known as Role-Function-Purpose-Intention (RFPI). This understanding enables the body to release the mental and emotional cause and activate powerful cellular regeneration through a mind-body connection. It’s not merely positive thinking, but rather a structured approach to connect the mind and body and facilitate healing.

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