Medications Can Deplete Your Body Of Vital Nutrients.

Learning to be a Functional Medicine Coach has taught me many things and this tool is a keeper. Just go to this site and put in your medication and see what nutrients your body needs with all the science to back it up.

Knowledge is power.

Keep learning and if you want someone to coach you on your journey I am here for you.

Here is what the site is about.

The Mytavin Story

The concept behind Mytavin and the Mytavin calculator came to me during a nutrition conference in 2009. This was the first time I had heard drug-induced nutrient depletion. The significance of vitamin and mineral deficiency caused by meds in a society that is overmedicated is astounding. Many common everyday meds are big drivers of nutrient loss. Combine this with the vast and disabling amount of symptoms caused by nutrient deficiency and the need for the medical profession and patients both to understand and respect this is huge.

By Health Of It Transformation

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