Fun Easy Nail Art

Don’t waste time and money going to the nail salon when you can do fun simple nail art at home.

In the past I tried doing this and my first color peeled off when I took the tape off. 
So I searched the web and found that most people agree to the one main tip below! 
Follow and have great results!

Tip For Great Nails

Bottom color has to be completely dry.

The main tip I have read is to make sure to stick the tape to the palm of your hand first. 

This will help take away most of the stickiness.

You don’t want it to pull up your polish!

Take the tape off and cut it into little strips and points.

Another great tip was to use craft store acrylic paint for top color. 

This helps to prevent smearing when you apply top coat and it gives you more colors to play with.

Time to Decorate Your Nails

Place the tape on all your nails and paint with next color.
Slowly remove tape and discard.

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

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